Knitter’s Meetup and Progress

I went to my first Knitter’s Meetup on March 16th – it was pretty cool.  I’ve always had issues with social stuff – I can’t handle groups of new people at once without having a hyperventilating fit prior to walking in – but I felt instantly accepted.  There were almost 20 ppl there – the week prior there were only 4 and the organizer, Abby, told me/us that she had been going there by herself since November!  Abby and I hit it off right from the start, which was very cool.  I met a bunch of other ppl but I’m horrible with names so I can’t remember any of them :o(  The ppl at Starbucks were extra super nice considering we took over the entire place and every single chair they had!  There are photos, etc on the site (link below).

I’ve finished both sleeves of my sweater and am working on the body of it.  It is the whole body at once on circulars (180 stitches) so its kind of repetitive and taking forever but I refuse to put it down!  I have four inches completed – only twelve or so to go!  :o)  I’ll post photos as soon as I have a moment.