Yesterday was definitely an adventure and today was….foggy to say the least.  Roger (my significant other/partner/other half) and I went to NYC to see friends and had a heckuva day.  Did you know that if there is a fire in the city, even though every other freaking lane of traffic is empty, the odds are pretty good that the fire truck coming up behind you with lights flashing and sirens blaring will decide that they absolutely positively HAVE to be in your lane?  Oh, and your odds increase if there is a freaking BUS in front of you that won’t move?  Holy crap I had no idea that the front grill of a ladder truck was actually BIGGER than my Jeep.  Talk about a heart attack…here we are, minding our own business, circling the block where Purl SOHO is located, desperately searching for parking (yet another story) and we hear sirens.  We are at a red light.  There is a bus directly in front of us and we are three inches from it (meaning, there is no way in h-e-double hockey sticks we are moving if it ain’t).  This ladder truck is bearing down on us like a group of knitters at a 75% off Merino wool sale and we CANNOT move.  Not a bit.  Do you have any idea how loud the horns are on those things?!  I didn’t…until yesterday.  The freaking bus finally moved so we could get out of the way but boy was it a nerve-wracked 60 seconds.  One more bit of advice, don’t even begin to try to park in the garment district.  Ever.  It ain’t happening.  I now have two hours of my life I will never get back that were spent circling city blocks trying to find even half a car length to squeeze into.  Impossible.  Anyway, on the up side I got two balls of absolutely beautiful merino that I plan on making something lovely with as soon as I’m done with the five other projects I’m planning AND had a wonderful dinner with friends.

The reason why Today was foggy?  We were having such a good time at dinner that we lost track of what time it really was (and the four Cosmo’s had absolutely NOTHING to do with it, I swear) – we didn’t get home until 3am!!  THEN (and I am definitely not a morning person by a long shot) we had to get up and go to work on Tuesday!  I seriously cannot remember whether I accomplished anything or not.

Okay, that’s it for now…I’m going to go gaze lovingly at my Merino and daydream of the lovely lacy thing I’m going to make out of it…once I finish the other six projects I have OTN…

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