I have visited Hell…and it is in Poughkeepsie.

…and I was stuck there for two and a half hours.  And it’s all my mother’s fault.  I guess it’s also mine because I fell for it.  So my mother calls me on Friday and asks if I want to go to the bead store with her on Saturday.  I think “okay, I can go and maybe visit a few yarn stores” so I go.  Mom gets to my house at 9am and I hadn’t had a chance to look for yarn stores online so I start searching (bleary-eyed with coffee in one hand).  Mom looks at the clock and says, “Well, I guess I probably won’t make it to the class that starts at 10.”  Okay.  Right there I should have seen the red flags dancing around me but like I said it was NINE AM so I was not completely awake yet.  I hurry up because I don’t want to disappoint her and I want to get her there ASAP.  So we leave and get there about 10:30.  Mom asks the lady at the store if we (eh?  I thought…”we”?  I don’t need to learn no stinkin’ beading) can get into the class.  They lady checks and says yes we can.  Again the we?!  Mom looks at me and I say, “no way but you can”.  So she rushes into the class (I realize later she was scurrying in there as fast as she could before I changed my mind) and I start looking around.  $34 later I ask the lady when the class should be ending (it is around 11am at this point).  She says, “oh, about noonish”  WHAT?!?!?!  Damn.  She got me.  *sigh*  I accepted it but was NOT happy.  I had expected to be knee deep in mercerized cotton by that point.  Thankfully I had brought my knitting with me and the owner of the shop was EXTREMELY nice and let me sit with the class and work on it.  This led to me being MOSTLY DONE WITH MY FIRST SWEATER!!!

Here it is actually done:

DONE!!  Done Done Done *happy dance*

Still…I had to spend two and a half hours in a bead store.  There are only so many beads.  Mom owes me.