Somebody Stop Me…

I used to have a problem with chef stores.  I’d go in and within 20 minutes I’d have spent $100+ on crap I didn’t need and didn’t have room for.  Then my bf realized this problem and I was forbidden to cross the threshold of any store selling Calphalon without an escort.  I also have a shoe problem.  I actually cannot wait for my daughter to leave for college so I can have her room for my shoes (ssshhhh….she doesn’t know).  Roger has also learned of this issue and again, I am forbidden to cross the threshold of any shoe store without the express permission of himself and/or be in the presence of a non-shoe loving person.  Apparently I have transferred my issue to yarn.  I went to Webs with my friend Abi (from the Pittsfield Knitting Meetup Group) today. They are having their annual anniversary sale.

You think that’s bad?  Then I went to A.C. Moore.  They had 25% off all yarn.

For those of you not in the know…there’s about $150+ worth of yarn in that photo.  God help me I think I may need an intervention.  You should see my stash of knitting magazines.  On the up side, I actually have projects for each and every one of those skeins.  At least, that’s what I’m telling Roger ;o)

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