um yeah…when is the mortgage due again?

I should have never done it.  Reason told me not to call to check the balance on my credit card while standing in the back room of Webs fondling a skein of Berrocco Softwist during the tent sale but the call of the yarn won out.  I almost had to go in search of a paper bag to breathe into once I found out that they had RAISED MY FREAKING LIMIT (silly people, they have absolutely positively no idea what they have done) but my sister managed to talk me down from buying *all* the yarn.  I only bought *most* of it.  And then my sister bought the rest.

That right there is the back of my Jeep filled with our booty – just a little bit of it is mom’s, she was the sanest out of the three of us.

So, when we were done maxing out our credit cards my mother and sister decided that they wanted to kill me.

I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned previously that I am allergic to Alpaca?  As a matter of fact I’m positive I have mentioned it.  Have I also mentioned that I blow up like a blow fish at even the thought of being within two feet of Alpaca?  huh.  I could have swore that I had mentioned that little bit of life-altering semi-important news.  So.  Since I have been so clear on my inability to go anywhere near anything even whispering of Alpaca you would think that since I have such a lovely reaction to the yarn that being anywhere near Alpaca rovings would probably not be such a smart place to be.  huh.  you would think.

So, when my sister said she just HAD to go see the spinning part of the sale I said no.  No, you don’t need to get starting on yet another crafty thing especially one with fast-moving parts since remember what happened the last time…but no.  She talked me into it.  This is what my sister looks like when she wants to kill me:

Looks pretty innocent, doesn’t she.  Hah.  I know better.  I grew up with her and I KNOW.

So we wander over to the tents.  I am leery because I know what happens when I get near Alpaca yarn and I keep my distance.  Did I mention that they have that damned bunny fur angora too?  Did I mention that when I last wore an angora sweater my right eye swelled shut?  huh.  Guess not.  They had a bucketfull of the stuff and it was nice and breezy.

Well this was definitely a learning experience to say the least.  Everyone was nice and was surprised to hear that I am allergic to the damned animals Alpaca and Angora and now I know that if I get within two feet of Alpaca ROVING I can’t breathe.  At all.  Oh, and my face gets blotchy red.  This is especially noticeable if I have FORGOTTEN TO TAKE MY ALLERGY MEDICATION.  Or maybe it was the Angora?  Who the hell knows.  All I know is I had to use my inhaler for the first time in about SIX FREAKING MONTHS.

I swear they wanted to kill me.  Don’t listen to their protestations, all guilty people lie.