I know you are but what am I…

I tried…but I couldn’t resist it. The call was too great, the yarn too soft – and 50% off thankyouverymuch…the pattern too challenging (at least for me, I’m still new at this)…I stumbled upon a knit-along for the Honeymoon Cami and was pulled in by its irresistible charm and… oh hell, it’s a cami.  NOT a sweater.  I’m completely and utterly sick of the Anchors Aweigh (STUPID NAME THANK YOU) with its scratchy yarn.  Sick. Of. It.  So…I stuck it in a bag before it could make eye contact and smack me with its guilt-ridden stare.

What are you looking at?  Like you’ve never…nobody’s perfect, you know.

One more thing…um…does this make me a yarn whore or a pattern junkie…?  I’m guessing it’s a toss-up.