Happy Birthday…to my Mom!

Today is my Mom’s birthday!

I am going to totally steal from the Harlot and list the top 10 reasons why you should wish my Mom a happy birthday:

10. She has a drop-dead sense of style. See exhibit 1:

That’s mom on the right.  Note the side zippers.  (my Grandma is on the left and that’s me in the front)  In mom’s defense this is c. 1970-something so she probably was at the height of fashion at the time.

9. She has (almost) always supported me in my decisions.

8.  She drives a really cool truck (a 2000 Tundra that used to be ours).

7.  She has a kickass sense of humor.  See exhibit 2:

That’s mom helping me decorate dad after he was the first to fall asleep at Thanksgiving – don’t feel bad for him, he fell asleep and he knows the consequences!  Besides, he’d do it to us in a heartbeat.

6.  She’s really crafty – good at scrapbooking, beading, knitting, etc.

5.  She’s a great grandma – spoils the hell out of all her grandkids and takes mine every Tuesday night so I can have a night to myself (BF is a fire practice on Tuesdays – no, not practicing to START fires, practicing to put them OUT).

4.  She has put up with my dad for thirty-four years (well, almost).

3.  She didn’t kill me (or anyone else in the family) – although it’s not for lack of trying.   Please note that ‘mom is a great cook’ isn’t on this list.  Mom heats up a mean frozen dinner.  Let’s leave it at that.

2. She’s always there in a pinch – case in point: I came home to an electric-less house last week because stupid me didn’t send out the check in time.  Mom works at the pharmacy where you make payments to the electric company so I called her frantically and she made the payment for me so I didn’t have to drive all the way back into town.  I had electric again one hour later.  If I had had to go back into town it would have added at least an hour to that time.   So – thanks for pulling me ass out of the fire again mom!!  Sorry I’m an idiot!

1.  She’s cool enough to not care about current fashion and instead opts to ‘go retro’:

This is my baptism photo.  Pretty cool, eh?

So…HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!  Sorry I got this posted a day late….and aren’t you glad I didn’t find the ‘braces’ photo?  hehehe  :o)