Car Shows…

So this last weekend was the ‘Famous 50’s’ Car Show in Kerhonkson, NY  (try saying THAT after a few beers).  I had a pretty good time!  This was the first time the show was at the Hudson Valley Resort & Spa so we weren’t sure what to expect.

There were cars…

There were burnouts…

yeah, that’s a guy standing next to the car holding a hose.  Why is he holding a hose, you ask?  Well, adding water to a ‘smoke show’ makes for optimal smokage :o)  However, standing at the front of a car that is spinning its tires as fast as it can probably isn’t the smartest thing to do….

There was an Elvis impersonator

He looked a lot better when he had the black leather on (I am not an Elvis fan, but this guy was pretty hot)

There was general frivolity…

This is our friend Kokomo throwing some chick around onstage

There was defacing of sculpture…

The beer boobies come off…um…I think…

There were more cars…

(there are more car pix in the photo album to the right)


This is Roger’s family – the youngest nephew is in bed so it’s minus one person.  My honey is the guy in the center in the pink T-Shirt :o)


[insert unflattering somewhat ‘fat’ photo of myself holding knitting here]

You guys aren’t going to see it so don’t even ask.

Cars on fire…

…on fire on purpose that is, these are the ‘flamers’ who have added the ability to light their exhaust on fire to their cars (that’s the simplified version – Roger can probably give you a 20 minute dissertation as to how this effect is created but frankly all I care about is that it is usually freezing out when they do this so the fire keeps me somewhat warm…)


Armand.  I TOLD you that I would post a photo of you on my blog if you fell asleep.  You chose to not believe me.  You are fortunate that I did not have my lipstick with me this weekend and felt that it would be too unkind to put panties on your head.  If you fall asleep in my/our presence when there is alcohol involved there will be consequences.  :o)

And then the ride home…

Here’s Pa (Roger’s Dad) in ‘the Raspberry’ on the way home

And here’s brother Bob (Roger’s brother) in ‘the Creamsicle’

So fun was had by all, nothing broke on the way home, I didn’t finish my sweater (‘Alicia’ – see progress) (yeah I started a new project…what of it?  Stop staring at me, I am impervious to guilt) and we’re all looking forward to the Lake George show this fall.  We also went to a wedding on Sunday but this post is long enough – the wedding will come later.

Knit on!

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2 Responses to “Car Shows…”

  • K3:

    I cant belive you put beer cans on the b00bs! I know it was you :P

    Nice peony’s too! I’m jealous. My mom won’t let me have any from my grandmothers garden yet. Said I’m “not ready” HMPH

  • Mom:

    Thank you for the birthday wishes.
    I love you. You have brought a tear to my eye.
    Love ya, Mom

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