I FINISHED it!  Yay for me!!

Yeah it looks a little wonky but hey, it’s done and wearable.

I immediately cast on the Dale Svale tank and am feverishly knitting along on that hoping to get past the lacy part before I get the teeth yanked tomorrow and am zonked out on pain pills the rest of the week.

Yes I said ‘teeth yanked’.  woo.  I’ll be having three teeth pulled on the ‘morrow along with innumerable caps/crowns and a temporary bridge.  All at once. yay.  Why, you ask?  Because I still have baby teeth.  Yeah, 33 years old and I still have seven of ’em.  Thankfully only three need to go buh-bye.  I’m actually kind of happy to get this done as I have waited 20 years for this day.  Okay well, I’ll let you all know if I lived – next time I write I’ll be a new(ish) woman!