I don’t know what you mean…

….so last night I was informed by my wonderful, loving, caring significant other that my obsession hobby is taking over the house getting a wee bit out of control.  I’m not sure what he means…

you can still see parts of the coffee table…and its not *all* knitting stuff…there’s a remote in there too…at least there isn’t anything on the couch…

okay so I lied…there is *one* thing on the couch.  But it doesn’t really count because it is on the arm of the couch and not on the seat of the couch.  So there.  You can still sit.  Damnit. AND I have all my yarn in nice lovely baskets…we won’t talk about the yarn stuffed into the antique bookcase/bar and no, I’m not taking a picture these two have condemned me enough as it is…(see those shoes in the bottom of the photo?  The lovely red ones?  I will be wearing those shoes the day we get married – yet another story…)

So..I guess I shouldn’t tell him that I’m planning on going to a yarn store tomorrow with my sister?  So far he hasn’t technically forbidden me to buy more yarn…well maybe me has mentioned that I should use what yarn I have and perhaps consider not purchasing more yarn…he hasn’t used the word ‘forbid’ yet like he did with the shoes…

Well, I guess what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him, right? ;o)

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One Response to “I don’t know what you mean…”

  • Bev:

    What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him … or you could be like I was with my dog, “honey, she was there before you were!” LOL. Congrats on the plans for the wedding. I wore a red dress to my own. Well, it was sort of a burnt red, but enough to please my mother who always thought it would be funny in sort of a subvert-the-sterotype-of-the-harlot/sexpot-woman-in-red way. I just checked out the link to your lys and it seems nice. How far away from NYC is Chatham? (Evil grin!) Have fun.

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