The Warm-up

I had a very exciting weekend!  It all started with a trip to the Warm Ewe in Chatham, NY.  Overall, we were a little bit disappointed by the yarn selection but I managed to find some nice Noro to make a new Booga Bag.  The knitting had a good time…(that’s my sister holding it)

The we were on to a bit of fireworks at Limerock Raceway to get us in the mood for the work to come.  While waiting for the show to start my niece decided to update Roger’s look:

This is always interesting in that you never know quite what she’ll do to him.  This is what happened the last time:

Note the jaunty angle of his princess hat -and his lovely matching necklace/earring/bracelet set. She even let him use her magic wand!  (seriously, how many men do you know that would allow a 5 year old to dress them in drag and then allow their girlfriend to take a photo that may or may not be made public at some point?  Yeah, that’s what I thought.  Not too many.)

My knitting (yeah, its a sock, I wasn’t allowed to bring anything bigger) frolicked…and we got in the mood for the rest of the weekend.

Another post is in the works, we managed to film ourselves causing carnage doing the show and are trying to get skills stills…once those are set they’ll be made public!

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4 thoughts on “The Warm-up

  1. As a husband who is soon to get blogged with a few unflattering (to say the least) photos – this “special needs” photo of your husband is solid gold.
    Abi has been holding quite a few photos over my head for some time.
    Not only do I not photograph well under the most ideal of circumstances, I can look downright distressed and mutated in the most mundane family photo.

  2. I neglected to mention that this photo lives on the ‘picture wall’ where Roger works. It is entitled ‘My Fairy God-Roger’


  3. I thought that you where taking a picture of just the sock and the sign, NOT MY HEAD! *whine* I think I look silly! please let me know asap on the fireworks pictures. I need proof that i didn’t set myself on fire. Thanks.

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