And now…

…the photos promised in my previous post that were delayed due to my ADD technical difficulties…but first I know you all are dying to know where the camera was hiding.  Well I’ll tell you…it was hiding in the last place I put it – my laptop bag.  I wanted to curl up and die – I found it after stomping and screaming around the house, accusing Roger AND the dog of hiding it on me (or, in Roger’s case taking it to use on a job and forgetting it, etc, etc).  I was standing in the office, thinking hard about the last place I had seen it and *bam* it hit me.  I was the guilty party.  Believe me, I did quite a bit of apologizing!!

So, on to the photos:

When I got home from work the other day I found this waiting for me:

That is two skeins of the Lorna’s Laces colorway ‘Uptown’ and one skein of ‘Vera’.  The other skein of Vera jumped right on my swift and insisted I wind it immediately – and me being the accommodating person I am I wound her up forthwith :o)

The very next day I came home and found THIS waiting for me:

this is the Knit Happens colorway – I LOVE this!!  When I first saw it they were completely sold out but I waited…and watched…and checked their site every day.  As soon as they had more in I pounced!  :o))

So the last few days have felt like Christmas in July!

I also had photos of the placket neck baby sweater from Last Minute Knitted gifts however, I have since realized that there are a few errors in the pattern and while I finished it and all, its looking kind of wonky.  I went to check the website to see if there were corrections and lo and behold…they REWROTE the ENTIRE freaking pattern!!  Just my stinking luck.  I guess I’m going to start all over again but this time I’ll use some cashmerino or something instead of the crappy acrylic I used the first time around.  I’m going to need something to knit while I listen to the new Harry Potter tomorrow (the other kajillion projects I have going on right now don’t count) ;o)