Today is…

…(or so I have been told) a special day.  It is my birthday :o)

I generally don’t go around shouting that its my birthday but since everyplace under the sun (or so it seems) has a discount on days such as this one I’ve been a little more vocal lately :o)  Also, Abi said it first ;o)  I don’t know how she managed to get candles in mohair like that – I would have set the yarn, myself and quite possibly my yard and house on fire.

I woke up to find this in my kitchen:

:o)  This is remarkable because #1 he got the right color (well…there is never really a *wrong* color when it comes to roses, but I’ve been on a pink bender lately) #2 he works about 80 hours a week on job sites all over New England so getting to a store to get a gift is challenging, to say the least #3 as said above I don’t go around telling everybody my b-day is coming up so he remembered this all on his own :o))  (he also remembers our anniversary without prompting)  They smell like raspberries, too *yum* and the card has promised me a shopping trip to Saratoga, NY on Monday :o))  LOVE this man!!

Today will be filled with knitting, sushi, a pedicure and whatever else I freakin’ feel like doing!!