Today is…

…(or so I have been told) a special day.  It is my birthday :o)

I generally don’t go around shouting that its my birthday but since everyplace under the sun (or so it seems) has a discount on days such as this one I’ve been a little more vocal lately :o)  Also, Abi said it first ;o)  I don’t know how she managed to get candles in mohair like that – I would have set the yarn, myself and quite possibly my yard and house on fire.

I woke up to find this in my kitchen:

:o)  This is remarkable because #1 he got the right color (well…there is never really a *wrong* color when it comes to roses, but I’ve been on a pink bender lately) #2 he works about 80 hours a week on job sites all over New England so getting to a store to get a gift is challenging, to say the least #3 as said above I don’t go around telling everybody my b-day is coming up so he remembered this all on his own :o))  (he also remembers our anniversary without prompting)  They smell like raspberries, too *yum* and the card has promised me a shopping trip to Saratoga, NY on Monday :o))  LOVE this man!!

Today will be filled with knitting, sushi, a pedicure and whatever else I freakin’ feel like doing!!

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10 thoughts on “Today is…

  1. A Great Big HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Jess!

    Have a wonderful day of totally self-indulgent bliss.

    Oh, that sounds so nice! Do I have to wait until April to do that, too?

  2. Your one and only daughter says:

    well…i am just dropping in and wishing you a big 33rd…lol…you’re getting to old for me mommy…*smiles as i run away*…haha…hope you an rogie have fun and i miss you guys o so much…i will talk to you soon….
    *Luv you*

  3. Elaina Strampach says:

    hey jess, one of my other mommies, i had no idea you had this nifty little webpage. (it must have slipped heathers mind). its awesome tht you knit so many things..but i think the killer about this page is the hilarious stories you have on here. i mean, the things that have happened to you jeep are probably not that funny, but the way you tell them certainly makes them that way. it just shows you definitely have a sense of humor during bad times, just if your there when the event happens, it seems like your going to kill the world. i love the pictures of the marching and heathers and i think what roger did for you today was so cute. he was obviously a really awesome guy. i hope you have fun today and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! i know ill see you soon…

  4. K3 says:

    Happy Birthday!! Sigh, I remember turning 33…it all goes downhill from here you know! Haha :P

    Btw, nice wood countertops ;) Bet they are a bitch to maintain tho eh?

  5. Ok, so I call you. Sing you a wonderful rendition of Happy Birthday. And I have a great, Happy Birthday picture for you? Took me a while, didn’t know how to download pics of my cam. So go to my blog. And check it out :)

  6. Mom says:

    Yes, I know I should have done this a couple of days ago. But I’ve not been doing much on the computer lately. Making braclets, a little knitting and way too much working.


    I do hope you had a wonderful birthday.

    Let’s see, 10 things that make you special…

    1. You are my first born.

    2. You are a loving person, a good Mom.

    3. You are a beautiful person, inside and out.

    4. Your taste in men is awesome.

    5. You are inteligent. (if the spelling is wrong here, it’s your Father’s fault!)

    6. You can spell, really, really well.

    7. You are really good at math, how do you figure out gauge?

    8. You cook really good food.

    9. Your knitting skills are awesome.

    10. You are really good at gardening.

    11. If I Hadn’t put this on your blog you might not talk to me for a really, really long time!

    Love, Mom & Dad

  7. Happy Birthday Jess! I know I wished you a good day on my blog but I am slow to do it here. Yes those are real flaming candles in mohair…I like you that much. ;-) My neighbors offically think I am certifiable for making a cake out of yarn and lighting it on fire. They didn’t ask why, they just watched out of their windows…I saw them.

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