Laurie is evil…

she tagged me!!

10 years ago: hrm…1995…this is hard because I have blocked out most of my life prior to 1997…I was trying to sell the house I purchased with my no-good worthless sack of sh*t ex-fiance who had broken up with me (for the 2nd time) because he liked the boobs on the data entry chick at his office better than mine (ohwait, he didn’t have an actual office because he never went to college because he is a worthless pothead AND the best job he could get was running a mail inserting machine – no it wasn’t a MALE inserting machine, but not for lack of trying on his part) …working at the Berkshire Museum as the Membership Secretary and had given up all hope of being a paralegal because most lawyers are self-centered pricks difficult to work with.  Oh, and living with my parents.  That was the best part.

5 years ago: Had been with Roger a little over a year…had just moved in with him that June and was in discussions with my ex to get full custody of my daughter (she had lived with him up until then – long story and her life is much, much better now even though she doesn’t like to admit it :oP  I also ended up getting custody without a court fight – yay!)  Moving in with Rog wasn’t the big deal you’re thinking since we were already neighbors – it just meant he didn’t have to sneak back to his house in the wee hours anymore – and I got full usage of his CD collection, hehe  Also was working for the Gilder Group which was in the throes of major corporate intrigue at the time.

1 year ago: Working from home and loving it – getting ready for my first *big girl* vacation that consisted of taking my daughter and her friend to Maine for a week and being the only adult for three days of said week  (Roger brought us up, came home for three days and then came back for the 2nd weekend).  About to mourn the death of my paternal Grandmother and only remaining living grandparent in early August.  About to learn how to knit – I picked it up after returning from West Virginia and my Grandmother’s funeral.  I then proceeded to knit an afghan while riding to Virginia with Roger to deliver my great-grandfather’s desk (along with a few other large items that couldn’t be shipped) to friends for their in-the-works TV show.

Yesterday: Went to work – came home, worked some more…found out someone got hold of my debit card number (DAMN you DSW shoe warehouse for luring me in with your lovely goods and then not having good enough security for your database so now I have to memorize an entire new card number)…packed up my knitting crap and tottered off to my bi-monthly knitting meeting…

Today: Work…got to leave early and deliver parts to the installer on the job site – no cute construction guys though :o((  Came home, worked some more…went to Dave’s for the weekly Thursday night get-together.  Almost finished my Svale tank…

Tomorrow: Dude.  I get to go to my LYS and take yarn pictures to update their website AND I get paid IN FREAKING YARN.  YAY!!  What else…?  ohyeah, work.  woo.

snacks I enjoy:
ummm…Girl Scout cookies – but not the caramel cluster ones, ice cream, popcorn – but I can’t eat that anymore b/c of the dental work, popsicles and wine crackers.

bands/singers that I know MOST of their songs:
hehehe…you all are going to totally figure out my age now…Duran Duran, The Cars, The Ramones, any 80’s hair band, The Bangles and just about any dance song from the mid-90’s.

Things I would do
with $100,000,000:
The usual buy my house/pay off my bills, etc.  Make a big ole donation to The American Cancer Society, go back to Ireland and then on to Scotland/England and Europe on a lovely long six month vacation.

locations I’d like to run away to:
the Maine Coast, the southern Ireland coast, my backyard, Knott’s Berry Farm and anyplace else that has a kajillion rollercoasters :o))

5 bad habits I have: yelling.  Then there’s the yelling…oh, and yelling at other drivers on the road that are idiots…ummm oh and I pile up clothes everywhere in my bedroom – and I’m always late to work.

5 things I like doing: Knitting, reading, shoe shopping, website design, surfing on the web/blogging.

things I would never wear:
a five-piece suit.  No seriously.  Oh okay…I suit…miniskirt…anything see-through…a bikini (had the gallbladder out and nobody needs to see those scars)…and short-shorts

5 TV shows I like: My TiVo is overworked…lessee…CSI Las Vegas and NY, pretty much anything on the History Channel/Biography/A&E, Law & Order, Friends and Murphy Brown.

5 Movies I like: (wanna see eclectic in action?  Check this answer out:) Casablanca, Star Wars ep 4, 5 & 6, An American in Paris, The Princess Bride, the LOTR Trilogy, My Fair Lady, Oh Brother Where Art Thou?, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, The Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink, 16 Candles,  I could go on and on…

5 famous people I’d like to meet:
Fred Astaire, Humphrey Bogart, President Lincoln, Audrey Hepburn and Tom Cruise (so I could slap him b/c if you hadn’t noticed, he is a bona-fide idiot)

biggest joys at the moment:
Seeing my dog napping on the sofa, the lack of hormones in my house at the moment (I miss my daughter – the drama, not so much), finishing a project, spending time with Roger, my roses.

5 favorite toys: MP3 player, my Tungsten T3, my laptop and the high-speed connection at B&N :o)  Oh, my swift and my ball-winder, too

ohboy now I have to tag ppl?  Okay…but I don’t know alot of ppl in the blogworld at the moment…my sister Amanda, Abi, and Jennifer – Tag, you’re it!