JessaLu Jessalu where have you been?

I have been to computer hell and am now back again…

I kind of stole that from Mother Goose…but I don’t think she’ll mind ;o)

So Monday my daughter wanted to go to the mall to hang out with her friends – and I decided that I would take the opportunity to do some quality high-speed internet surfing :o)  My sister came with me and after we dropped the kid off we went to B&N and got settled in.  At least…Amanda did.  I started a slow meltdown.  Why, you ask?  Because as my laptop booted up I noticed a nonstop parade of error messages dancing across my screen.  Lovely.  Amanda asked me what was wrong and I started to tell her and watched her eyes glaze over.  I then simplified it in a semi-scream “MY LAPTOP IS MELTING!!!” which she finally understood.  Somehow it made it more stressful that I didn’t have anyone to talk to about it while it was happening.  I ended up making a tearful call to my computer guru (even puter geeks have gurus – they usually like to be paid in baked goods ;o) ).  He wasn’t available so I left a message.  And then panic set in.  I started thinking of all the work I had on this thing and wondering how the hell I was going to get it off (at this point I started tearfully praying to the backup gods and making all kinds of false promises of regular offerings, etc, etc).  I managed to not mess with the thing until the next morning and I think I managed to get most of my stuff off.  Now I’m using the desktop (bleh) until I manage to pull a new laptop out of my butt.  Believe me, its not going to be easy.  My guru?  Finally called on Thursday.  grrrr – NO cookies for him!

Update:  Talk about timing – this article was in the Berkshire Eagle today: