Just a Quickie….

OMG look at what we rented to drive to PA:

and Roger must truly love me (or just wants to keep me quiet) because he let me drive it home from the rental agency!!  THIS THING IS SO COOL.  I have to go drive it RIGHT NOW.  *giggle*

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5 thoughts on “Just a Quickie….

  1. So you’re going to pillage my neck of the woods, are you?

    A long weekend trip? A planned vacation?

    Whatcha gonna do? Where ya gonna go?

    Spiffy car. Think the rental place would notice if it wasn’t brought back?

  2. Heather (daughter) says:

    mom, what were you guys thinking??…i don’t like those cars…that look like pimped out station wagons, or better yet, i remake of a station wagon, and i would say that ths old station wagons are cool old school cars….UGH…can’t believe it….you guys should’ve just gotten a hott dodge truck to rent….GRRRR you guys…GRRR…and thats all i have to say for now….by the way…i’m thinking that you should read this hottness of a comment out to rogie, see what he has to say about it…well mommy, i’m off, and i can’t wait to see later…LUV YOUS….-Muahs-

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