Every year we take an evening and go to the Rhinebeck Fair.  This is fun for three reasons:

1.  The food – gotta love funnel cake!
2.  The junk – you would not believe what people are trying to sell
3.  The people-watching.  Self explanatory.

So we get there around 7ish and holy crap is there a sea of humanity going through the ‘food court’ area.  I fight my way to the baked potato booth (which is NOT. THE. SAME. as the OLD potato booth which is COMPLETELY GONE) and get myself a tater with everything but broccoli then fight my way to the nearest patch of grass so I can sit and eat (and look at the ‘locals’ and ‘not-so-locals’) and wait for Roger and Dave to get their steak sandwiches.

So…people watching was pretty interesting this year.  Generally I can pick out the folks who drove to the fair in their Chevy with a lift kit and God-only-knows-how-big tires and the folks who are ‘at a country fayah’.  Both are equally amusing.  First up – a skinny guy in a wife-beater with a cowboy hat wider than his hips kinda wandering along and sort-of following a group of giggling teen girls like a puppy hoping for a treat (he fits into the first category, in case you are wondering – with a touch of ‘inbred’ mixed in) …THEN…can someone please explain this to me?  WHY oh why do some women have a problem with buying jeans that actually FIT?  I saw so many women with size 12 bodies crammed into size 8 jeans last night I actually lost count.  Is this a new fad?  Make your gut stick out farther than the man in your life’s?  Do they actually think their tank-tops are disguising their roll?  I almost lost my potato.  eek.    I won’t even go into the ‘212’s that stick out like a sore thumb.

Wow.  I just read that paragraph and realized how superior I must sound.  I seriously don’t think I’m better than any of these people I mock – trust me, I mock myself on a regular basis.  I do hope, however, that most of the time I fall into the category of ‘wallpaper blend’ and no-one even notices my presence.  I’m sure that sometimes I fall into the ‘country-girl’ category – especially when I wander to the end of the driveway to get the paper dressed in my Tinkerbell PJ’s wearing Roger’s flannel shirt ;o)  THERE’S a mental pic for ya!  You wouldn’t believe the ppl driving by that stare when that happens…sometimes I even wave ;o)

I did get to see some pretty impressive knitting last night.  One thing that kind of bothered me was the ‘best in show’ winner was a felted bag.  I understand felting is a complicated process – I’ve done it myself and plan to do it again very soon – however, it covers up A LOT of mistakes and there was some freaking incredible lace knitting in the submissions that I think should have received a higher prize since lace…well, if you f*ck up lace you are pretty much screwed and unless you ran a lifeline you’re starting all over again.  If you f*ck up felting you run it through the wash and voila – mistakes are (for the most part) magically gone.  Just sayin’

I also managed to replace my ‘I heart my Miniature Pinscher’ keychain that the stupid jackass at Walmart lost on me a few months ago (lucky for him because I was working up a serious case of whoop-ass ;o) ).  Long story – I brought my jeep there to get an oil change and the idiot I handed my keys over to was more worried about getting his Pringles gathered together for eating in front of the TV later than making sure he KEPT TRACK OF MY FREAKING KEYS.  *sigh*  They lost the only set of keys in existence at that time for my car.  The. Only. Set.  Just imagine the crap I had to go through to get THAT straightened out.  Here’s a clue – the Walmart is forty miles from my house.

Okay I think that covers it.  I’ll post more about what I’m knitting soon (I was told that I don’t ‘share’ enough about what I’m working on by someone who shall remain *cough* Abi *cough* nameless-ish) ;o)

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3 Responses to aahhh…the County Fair…

  • Laurie says:

    Gosh. Good thing you don’t name any names. :-O

    Great description of crowd watching. I love doing stuff like that. Tom probably thinks I’m just being bitchy. I mean, I AM, but that’s beside the point! It’s like venting. Just something you need to get out of your system.

    Think of the fun I have, here in PA. Sometimes it’s like a stones throw from West Virginia!

    OK. Enough snarkiness. But it WAS fun! Thanks.

    So do you do the Rhinebeck Knitting thing, as well?

  • Jennifer says:

    I think the same stuff when I’m out and about. I think we all do. Nice description of it though!

  • awww, no pictures of scary people? shucks. Like I don’t see enough here! *LOL*

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