What I did this weekend…or, why the LG Car Show sucked this year…

The Lake George Car Show was this weekend, I usually have a pretty good time so I went into this with high hopes (which was my first mistake – I always get screwed when there are high hopes involved).  This is the 2nd year that I was knitting at this show and the 1st where I understand the concept of fiber – good fiber, not crappy fiber.  There’s a difference (as you well know).  I thought maybe I’d get a quick visit to an LYS squeezed in somewhere between four days of sitting around knitting while listening to a book fun in the sun and three nights of going back to the room early for some quiet time while everyone else goes out drinking mind-boggling fun.  Not so.  First, can you believe that offering internet access to hotel guests in upstate NY is a foreign concept?!  What kind of cro-magnon hotel manager thinks that when you’re paying $180+/night you don’t want every modern convenience offered to you?!  I don’t give a flying rat’s ass whether I’m on vacation or not – I want to be able to google ‘yarn store *insert name of city or town you are visiting*’ with ease.  DAMNit.  It took me two days to find access.  Two.  THEN I had to beg, borrow and maybe steal but I’m not going to admit to anything to get a freaking ethernet/cat-5 cable to PLUG IN TO THEIR BUSINESS CENTER – NO WIRELESS.  I actually got a blank look from the lady at the front desk when I said ‘wireless internet’.  And don’t go telling me I should use the phone book.  I did.  It didn’t work.  So, instead of photos upon photos of lovely fiber to make you drool I have this:

*this space intentionally left blank*

It took me so long to get online that I didn’t have any time left to get to the store I managed to find.

You can send any complaints regarding the complete and utter lack of fiber content to the Warren County Visitors Bureau – not that they give a shit.

Once I’m done slogging through the absolute ton of email I received while cut off from civilization on my lovely relaxing (HA!) vacation in the lovely Adirondacks (thank God I had plenty of booze knitting projects to keep me occupied) I’ll post some more photos of car show crap.  Dammit.  I’ll try to find my ‘happy place’ too while I’m at it.

Second, a good friend’s absolute psycho ex-gf was there.  She has been told repeatedly to get away and stay away from him however, she seems to think that this does not mean absolutely get away and stay away from him and going to a car show where he’ll be is okay – oh, and wandering around his hotel where you are not staying is okay – oh, and screaming at another friend (female friend) who happens to be driving his car (really REALLY nice ’60-something convertible camaro) that ‘who does she think she is and I’m six weeks ‘late’, etc. etc. *insert more psycho screaming here and throwing of photos into female friends face* etc., etc.  Good thing I wasn’t there for THAT little scenario because #1 I’m PMSing and just dying to tell someone off and #2 …well, #1 is good enough.  This raised the tension even more because her entire freaking family stays at OUR motel so she was sleeping directly below us for the entire four freaking days of absolute fun.  The icing on the cake?  Our friend called this morning to see if her car was still at our hotel because guess what?  His camaro got keyed last night (for those who are not familiar with this term it means digging a key into a car’s paint job as hard as you can and dragging the key down the side of the body effectively causing $10k+ damage in the space of three minutes).  Even better?  When he went to get his truck to load up his dad’s car – his brand new truck was ALSO keyed last night.  Here comes the rant.  What. the. F*CK?!?!  WHAT was she thinking?!  Just the camaro is one thing, but doing his TRUCK too?!  DID I MENTION HE’S A COP?!?!  She so totally f*cked herself it isn’t even funny.  How DARE she?!!  THIS CAMARO WAS ORIGINAL.  ORIGINAL F*CKING PAINT.  ORIGINAL F*CKING INTERIOR.  DOES SHE HAVE NO CONCEPT OF WHAT SHE HAS DONE?!?!  I seriously do not understand women who think that stalking, verbal abuse and destruction of property will bring a guy back.  I hope she gets put in jail for this shit.  I don’t give a f*ck if she’s pregnant with f*cking quadruplets and has to give birth in handcuffs she is absolutely crazy and should not be allowed to screw over any other nice guys.  What. A. Crazy. Bitch.  I’d use the C word here but I refuse to put that in print – but don’t think I’ll hold back if I see the bitch.  God HELP her if she decides to get me involved by approaching me – though I think she’s smart enough to not since she did tons of glaring in my general direction this weekend but didn’t say anything.  F*cking. Original.  Camaro.  Okay I’m done.  Sorry, had to get that out, thanks for listening.

I’d like to know when my ‘good vacation’ ship will be coming in.  Please.  I’m thinking I’m three for three at this point so the next one better be freakin’ awesome.  I found a lovely bumper sticker while in LG that says ‘Life is so much better since I gave up hope’.  I would have bought it and put it on my car however, whenever I do that something really expensive on/in my car breaks.  I have bad bumper sticker karma – but that’s a story for another day.