Okay so it wasn’t *all* bad…

…I did manage to get a few inches done on Anchors Away! (I hate that name) and an inch or so on my sox…AND…I have lured one more knitter into the fold…

That is Tricia knitting away (she’s sort-of my niece – she’s the daughter of Roger’s brother’s girlfriend…dontcha love our new age of divorced families?)  The kid on the right is Hunter and the one at the end of the bed is Cody – they are the children of another good friend of ours.

There were also fireworks that we could watch – not run away from!

this is a Big Deal when the only fireworks you have seen in quite a while were the last five seconds of the finale because you’ve spent the last 45 minutes with a lit flare running around screaming ‘six!’ or ‘four!’ (the size of the shells) or ‘oh shit!’ (that one thank God not as much) and had to run like hell to get to a spot where you can look up without being blinded by burning bits.

we also had a visitor when we were unloading the car…

I’ve been thinking about this past weekend and trying to figure out why it wasn’t as fun as the other shows and I think I figured it out.  We didn’t bring our truck and so weren’t able to take part in alot of what makes this show awesome.  They have a cruise on Friday and Saturday night where only show cars can drive up and down the main ‘drag’ and that is my favorite part – however, since we didn’t have a car we couldn’t be involved other than to watch and live vicariously through friends who did bring their cars.

Anyway, I’m in a much better mood today and might have some more Madli photos for you soon ;o)

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3 thoughts on “Okay so it wasn’t *all* bad…

  1. What did you put on the hook, to lure the knitter?

    I’d probably use a skein of Cherry Tree Hill yarn. :-O

    Great hummingbird photo! I can’t even catch the goldfinch that visits our birdbath.

    Glad you’re in a better mood! Next time, take the truck!

    Want anything from Stitches?

  2. This makes me think of the Ellen joke about recruiting lesbians with a toaster oven. For every knitter you bring in you get a prize, lol! Say, I’ve brought in a few where’s my gift?

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