Happy Birthday to…my lovely daughter

Sixteen years ago today at 10:41pm (exactly nineteen hours and one minute after I began labor – I like to say it was that last minute that stole the remains of my sanity) my daughter came into this world.

And has been torturing me ever since ;o)

So here I am a la Harlot listing the 10 reasons why you all should wish my daughter a happy birthday (please understand while you read this list that sarcasm means love in my house):

1. She was a pretty cute kid (still is…but since she can talk and all now that kind of detracts from the cuteness) ;o)

2. She does her laundry (every week) and cleans her room (occasionally) without prompting. (yeah, the room without a door – it’s an old house and we don’t have central heating upstairs so if she did have a door she’d freeze to death because heat can’t get through a closed door. A curtain, however, works fine. If she leaves the house without permission again she’s losing the curtain too – because privacy, you see, is a privilege)

3. She hasn’t gotten written up (yet) this year at school!! It’s a personal record! ;o)

4. She is very caring – when I am sick (I get migraines ALOT) she does a pretty good job of taking care of me. She even gets up away from the computer to bring me ginger ale ;o)

5. She’s had her braces for two weeks and has barely whined about them. Seriously.

6. She isn’t an enabler. She has bodily dragged me away from shoe and yarn stores on several occasions thereby saving me from myself ;o)

7. She remembers to feed the dog every night without reminders (now if she’d just remember the water dish we’d be all set) ;o)

8. I’ve heard that she is very polite when I’m not around!

9. How many sixteen year old girls do you know that would willingly wear a tiara to school on their birthday and not care if they are picked on? I know of one. Just one. She left my house this morning with a pink ‘Princess’ tiara on her head ;o)

10. Because she handles living/dealing with me, Roger and our extended ‘family’ with grace. She doesn’t cry when we pick on her and can hold her own (mostly). She’s been living with us for five years now and we have watched her mature into a lovely young lady who someday might take over the world – you never know! We might even give her a door to her room. ;o)


So everyone, please leave birthday wishes here for my lovely daughter and I will be sure to send them on :o) Thanks!!

I’ll have a baby pic up later – I didn’t have time to scan it this morning and as usual forgot it was her birthday until last night. Late last night.