Christmas Knitting…etc.

<p>So I have now finished two Christmas projects…I now have one large one, two medium ones (I consider scarves to be large at this point so you can figure out the project size from there) and a couple small-ish ones to complete before <b>THE DAY</b>. I have all the yarn I need and I’m thinkin’ I might be mostly in the clear. (I don’t want to test Karma and say I’m ‘in the clear’ and have everything blow up in my face. It’s been known to happen.)</p>
<p>So I’ve heard that my feed is finally showing up again on Bloglines. Apparently writing them an email on a Friday afternoon is bad if you wish to get results within the 48 hour window that they promise. It took them from early Friday afternoon through to noon today to finally reset my feeds – oh, and six emails. I’m still having issues, if you are subscribed to my Feedburner feed and you click on the blog title apparently Bloglines still thinks I’m at blogspirit and for some freakin’ reason my Feedburner feed isn’t getting autodiscovered if you have the Bloglines bookmarklet thingy. *sigh* So, I get to play more geek games. w00t.</p>
<p>I think I’m going to take some photos of my <span title="Finished Object" class="serendipity_glossaryMarkup">FO</span>’s over the course of the next few days. Bear with me though, ok? I have to go to Filene’s tomorrow to buy some kind of super-sucker-inner thing because I have a freakin’ Christmas Party (no wait. TWO Christmas Parties) this weekend and I’d like to try to <i>not</i> bulge in the wrong places and <i>to</i> bulge in the right places then on Wednesday we have the annual <strike>test of my parental love</strike> Holiday Concert (I’ll take photos of that, I promise) which means when I get home tomorrow I will be accosted with the usual ‘WHERE IS MY BAND UNIFORM’ greeting. The freakin’ uniform is where she last left it (balled up in a heap in her computer room) but God forbid she actually keep track of it herself. I won’t even go into the month and a half that was spent looking for her band hat. </p>
<p>Okay I will go into it. It was in the box. IN THE BOX. Where I had told her to put it after her last parade. Did she look in the box? That would be a no. Did I tell her to look in the box? Hell yes I did! But nooooo, Mom doesn’t know anything. Not one thing. Kids.</p>
<p>Where was I? Oh yeah, so tomorrow night at least 45 minutes will be spent telling her to look for the damned uniform herself, etc. THEN Wednesday night (which is my knitting meeting night, thankyouverymuch) at 7pm I will be sitting in the auditorium at the HS (WITH MY KNITTING. I don’t care WHO is embarrassed.) watching the <strike>stinkin'</strike> Holiday Concert. At least I’ll be knitting. Did I mention that this concert includes the entire school band/chorus? This includes fifth through twelfth grades. Fifth. Through. Twelfth. At least I’ll get some quality knitting done, right? <i>RIGHT?!</i></p>
<p>Sorry to get into all that negativity. I love Christmas. Really.</p><hr width="100%" size="2" />Guess what? Still having issues with Bloglines. My ‘usual’ rss feed works fine but they’re not updating my Feedburner feed. <br /><p /><p /><p />