Bloglines Bitching

<p>In all my ranting about Bloglines in the last few days it never occured to me that most people stay with Bloglines because they have all those feeds in there and no idea how to get them out.  Today I Googled &quot;bloglines issues&quot; and found an entry by the Subway Knitter about how to get your feeds off of Bloglines and into another aggregator (also known as a Feed Reader – she’s moved to NewsGator).  You can read her entry <a href=";entry_id=75" onmouseover="window.status=’’;return true;" onmouseout="window.status=”;return true;" title="Import your feeds into NewsGator!">here</a>.</p><p>Her instructions apply to pretty much all of the other readers out there (online or off).  Just do the export, save the file on your computer, go to your new reader and either click on ‘import OPML’ or something to that effect.  If you click on the feedburner link to the left there (light green with a number) you will see a list of the different readers that are available out there in the upper right corner of the screen.</p><p>I’m not sure what the problem is at Bloglines but my guess is growing pains.  And possibly Ask Jeeves (who just bought them a few months ago) doesn’t feel like investing the cashola on new servers and/or better support.  Not sure if you all have been keeping track but it’s been SIX days since I first complained to them with no fix in sight.  And, just to be clear, the only reader that is having issues is Bloglines.  All the other ones (including Firefox itself – did you know that has RSS built in?) have no problem finding the correct feed and updating it accordingly.<br /><br />Bloglines.  Poopie-heads.  Cotton-headed ninny-muggins. </p><hr width="100%" size="2" />okay so most of my issue is that apparently the people who leave comments follow me through Bloglines.  I miss my comments and commenters!!  Half the reason I blog is to get the feedback – me like feedback!  I need to feel the love!  I miss you!  *sob*<br /><p></p><p></p>