He sees you when you’re sleeping…

<p>He knows when you’re awake</p>
<p>He knows if you’ve been bad or good</p>
<p>And he knows when you’re on vacation at Hershey Park ;o)</p>
<p /><div class="serendipity_imageComment_center" style="width: 415px;"><div class="serendipity_imageComment_img"><img width="415" height="409" src="http://jessaluknits.com/uploads/Photos/Hershey160a.jpg" alt="" /></div><div class="serendipity_imageComment_txt">DaNiece and DaNephew with Santa at Hershey Park – August 2005

Even Santa needs a vacation!</div></div><p>
</p><p>Happy Holidays to one and all :o)  May all your wishes come true.</p>
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