<p><i>Hogmanay: the name, in Scotland, for the last day of the year.</i></p><p /><p><i></i></p><p>It seems fitting that Hogmanay is the word of the day since today <i>is</i> Hogmanay (hmm, think they planned that? ;o) )and I’m mostly Scottish (can’t you tell? Where do you think I got my temper from?)</p><p /><p>This is a quick post because I have people coming over for New Years’ and haven’t cleaned a thing since Christmas.</p><p /><p>I started working on these last night:</p><p /><div style="width: 98px;" class="serendipity_imageComment_center"><div align="center" class="serendipity_imageComment_img"><a href="http://jessaluknits.com/uploads/jaywalkers.jpg"><img width="98" height="110" src="http://jessaluknits.com/uploads/jaywalkers.serendipityThumb.jpg" alt="" /></a></div><div class="serendipity_imageComment_txt">Call me lemming.</div></div><p /><p>and they’re calling my name – along with Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (FMC is having a musical weekend – yippee!!!) so now that you all know what I’ll be doing this Hogmanay I will leave you with my sincere best wishes that all your dreams come true in 2006. Happy New Year!</p><hr width="100%" size="2" />Oh, you want to know how the heck I’m cooking for these people coming over tonight? Good old New England resourcefulness:<p /><div style="width: 106px;" class="serendipity_imageComment_center"><div align="center" class="serendipity_imageComment_img"><a href="http://jessaluknits.com/uploads/12-31-05026.jpg"><img width="106" height="110" src="http://jessaluknits.com/uploads/12-31-05026.serendipityThumb.jpg" alt="" /></a></div><div class="serendipity_imageComment_txt">A kitchen chair has many uses…keeping your oven closed is only one…</div></div><p />

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