I love Freecycle….

<p>…and odds are that there is one in your area. </p><p>And at this point you’re probably wondering what the hell I’m talking about. <a target="_blank" href="http://jessaluknits.com/exit.php?url_id=457&amp;entry_id=104" title="http://www.freecycle.org/" onmouseover="window.status=’http://www.freecycle.org/’;return true;" onmouseout="window.status=”;return true;">Freecycle</a> is a collection of Yahoo! groups and forums where you can list stuff you don’t want anymore and pick up stuff that other people don’t want anymore. For free. I’m babbling about this because well…let me start at the beginning. Remember the <a href="http://jessaluknits.com/exit.php?url_id=458&amp;entry_id=104" title="http://jessaluknits.com/index.php?/archives/94-Hogmanay.html" onmouseover="window.status=’http://jessaluknits.com/index.php?/archives/94-Hogmanay.html’;return true;" onmouseout="window.status=”;return true;">stove breaking</a>? Okay well, we decided that since the washer &amp; dryer were also in a not-very-happy state that we should replace those, too. <span title="Roger Rabbit – my SO" class="serendipity_glossaryMarkup">RR</span> purchased all three appliances in 1991 when he bought this place so they’ve definitely put in their time. And, they were purchased by a bachelor and his widower father (read: no woman had a voice in this purchase) so the washer had three settings, wash, spin, stop and the dryer had two, on and off. I can’t even tell you how many bras have been fried because I didn’t catch them before they went into the furnace of hell that was our dryer. Anyway, they are gone now (the washer &amp; dryer, that is). Someone saw them on Freecycle and came and got them this afternoon – and saved me $40 in the process! LOVE it! So, give Freecycle a try :o) Tell them JessaLu sent you ;o)</p><p>The new washer/dryer and stove will be here on Tuesday – YAY!!! *happy dance* So, I have been tearing my house apart to make room for new appliances and to make a way for them to get the new appliances into my house while simultaneously preparing for my first sock class on Wednesday evening. You wanna talk stress? THIS is stress.</p><p>Thank you all for your input regarding the MySpace issue. The general consensus was that I should give her access, but keep an eye on it. I have given her access and she has given me her site address so I can check it. I’m not 100% happy with it but…at least she took what town she lives in off of there. Now I just need to get her to remove what school she goes to. And a few words I’m not happy about. Oh well, I guess baby steps are in order here…</p><p>I have been knitting, believe it or not. I am 80% done with a jaywalker (the 1st of a pair in the Irving Park colorway) and haven’t touched the DFS in a week. The reason? I can take the jaywalker with me, the DFS isn’t so portable. I guess I should update my <span title="Work In Progress" class="serendipity_glossaryMarkup">WIP</span> meters, eh?</p>