Happy New Year!

Well, I’m two days late for the first day of the festivities but I wanted to have my IKEA experience to be my ‘new week’ post since, as someone has pointed out, they are the most important and I happen to agree with her ;o)

The Chinese New Year celebrations last for 15 days so I feel I’m safe in mentioning it today.

I think I mentioned in my post a few days ago that Roger was in NYC on Saturday. I completely and utterly flaked and didn’t remember the new year until it was too late to get my ass down there. I would have loved to spend the night and been in Chinatown on Sunday for the first day of the celebration. Last year we completely lucked out and were there for the Lion Dances. I had never seen anything like it and found it to be a beautiful and exciting ceremony to be a part of. They also sell these crackers – not the kind you eat, these are like party crackers that explode and make popping sounds – they are long tubes with confetti in them that explode when you turn one end and make a lovely mess. I’d like to go back – and bring Heather this time – but unfortunately not this year, because I am a flake.