Is this week ever going to end?

I know I already used one post this week to whine about my life but yesterday sucked so bad that I just have to share.

First, I don’t think I mentioned that last week on my way home from Webs while hurtling down I-90 at a great rate of speed somebody’s freaking mud flap hit my windshield and scratched it all to hell. No, the mud flap wasn’t still attached to a car, thank God, but it did some pretty good damage all on its own.

Then, my power steering started making horrible noises. The noises stopped after I poured power steering fluid into it and then I promptly forgot about the problem. Until yesterday. Roger started the car for me yesterday morning (like he does every morning so its nice and warm for me – I love that man) and it started making this unGodly squealing noise. SO I called the dealership and they told me to have it towed in. The dealership is 30 miles from my house and my house is 10 miles from the nearest towing place. NOT going to be cheap, right? I thought I was cool because I purchased this extended warrantee that has towing. Yeah. Towing up to $50 doesn’t help me when I need the damned thing towed 30 miles on a flatbed. Long story short – I bought more power steering fluid yesterday (and got yelled at by the guy at the auto parts store because I was supposed to get the thing fixed last week. I love living in a small town.) Then we drove it to the dealership last night causing me to miss Grey’s Anatomy AGAIN.

My dental implants have also been bothering me – they were pretty badly infected after they were first put in but then they got better and stopped hurting. Then they started hurting again. I called the dentist to tell them that I was having some discomfort and the woman who answers the phone asked me if I thought it merited a trip into the office (their office is in Albany – I live an hour away). I answered, “Well…I don’t think that I need to come in but everyone else in my life is telling me that I need to come in.” I think I’ve mentioned earlier that I love my dentist – yesterday he tested that love. I went in thinking he’d look in my mouth and say ‘It’s FINE’. Yeah. NOT. 1 shot of Novocaine, a little digging and one stitch later and I was out the door.

I wasn’t going to go to the yarn store. I really wasn’t. Then my dentist attacked me. I decided that I had earned it by going through the dental trauma with only a few tears and headed over there.

Are you ready for the yarn pr0n? ;o) If you’ve stuck with me to this point you’ve earned it.

Here we have four skeins of LL in Pewter and Periwinkle.

A skein of Mountain Colors Bearfoot in Obsidian

And two skeins of Malabrigio in Tortuga

Then here’s the whole pile all together

Okay so buying all of that did make me feel a bit better. And, the owner of the yarn shop also said she’d like me to teach a ‘Magic Loop’ class at her shop (which is WAY COOL) so that was a highlight.

I hope you all are having a better week than I am. The icing on the cake? I was informed yesterday that not only do I have to work TODAY but I also cannot take the week of Feb. 20th off. WTF. So, because I am at work now I won’t be able to cast on my Olympic sweater until sometime tonight because as soon as I get home I have to schlep my kid over to her fathers so I won’t really be home until 6ish. W. T. F.

I’m going to go take more advil and hope the stitches in my mouth stop hurting. STITCHES fer cripes sake. Oh, and maybe get some work done so I’ll get out of here at a decent hour.