Bet you didn’t think there’d be a quiz…

A year ago, on February 18th, I posted my first post on blogger. I didn’t have high expectations regarding blogging, I figured it would mostly just be an online written record of the path I have followed since 2/18/2005. However, so far blogging has become more than that to me. I’ve learned new techniques, found new yarn I otherwise would not have known existed, patterns I otherwise would have been afraid to try on my own and best of all, made new friends.

In my opinion, blogfriends are the best part of blogging. I love checking my in-box after I’ve posted and reading your comments. I love exchanging gifts with you and most importantly, I love getting to know you all and look forward to becoming closer to the blogfriends I have made already and getting to know new ones. (yes I mean you – lurkers!). My first step in doing this is the little contest I’m going to have in celebration of my blogiversary. Well, it’s actually two contests ;o)

The first way you can win is by answering the following question:

I have a certain quirky phobia – what is it?

You can find the answer to this in either my Typepad blog, my Blogspirit blog or possibly even this one. Please send your answers by clicking on the ‘contact me’ link below my avatar on the left sidebar over there *pointing*. Any answers to this left in the comments will be removed. The winner will be drawn from all of the correct answers sent to me prior to midnight on Monday, February 20th. This means that even if you don’t see this post until 11:59pm on Monday you still have a chance to win – isn’t that genius?! ;o) What are you going to win? Well, I don’t like to post the prizes because I like to personalize them. Let’s just say I’ll make it worth your while to do the research and get the right answer ;o)

The second way you can win is by leaving a comment. That’s all! I will draw the winner from all comments left to this entry prior to midnight on Monday. The prize for this portion of the contest won’t be as big as the prize for answering the question but it’ll still be pretty darned cool ;o) So, leave a comment! Come on, you lurkers, show me what you’ve got!

Edited to add: You can enter both ways to win – you don’t have to choose one and not do the other :o) Oh, and I probably should have mentioned that the prizes will involve yarn. I just didn’t want to say what kind or how much ;o) Call it ‘buying comments’ if you want but it’s actually self-preservation. If I don’t pare down the stash Rog is going to set fire to the whole lot – it *is* burning season in Western Mass, you know.

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