Life after the KO…?

…is this possible?

I feel somewhat bereft now that I am finished with the madness KO. What to knit? What to do?

oh right. I have to go back to work. bleh.

Does anyone else feel as lost as I do? ;o) Or as (dog) tired?

In an attempt to perk me up, RR brought me to Target today and I picked up a little something for myself (well, besides a new blowdryer to go along with my lovely new ‘do). I’m hoping that it doesn’t suck it helps drag me out of this ennui I’m feeling now that my life has no direction…no meaning…no…deadline.

For those wondering: yes, I wore The Sweater. *grin*

Oh, I also cast on for Odessa this afternoon (for my co-worker who was in an accident) and am making some good progress. I *love* this Baby Cashmerino stuff – it is so soft! I truly hope it doesn’t pill and maybe I should have done the beads but I think she’ll like it either way. If I were a ‘hat person’ I’d want one for myself. This is SO easy to memorize!

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