Recently RR decided that he needed a chair of his very own. Not sure if its some kind of nesting instinct or a sign he’s in his late 30’s, owns his own home and is a minority in this family (he is the only male in this family. The. Only. Male.) so he feels he needs ‘his own space’ since, apparently the house is my territory now (HAH. Right.). So, The Great Chair Search has begun. This is harder than shopping for a wedding gown. I swear he has parked his ass (arse?) on no less than 20 contenders to be his Throne of Manliness and has spent countless hours online looking at his ‘dream chair‘. I had no idea that chair shopping can test a relationship. It can. I bet people have divorced over this.

On Tuesday RR was working in CT near Danbury and decided to stop in at the Danbury Fair Mall to check out a chair that may or may not have been at JC Penney (it wasn’t – don’t ever believe their website). While wandering around he saw that the Filene’s there very much resembled a Flea Market. They were selling off their inventory since, now that Macy’s purchased the chain, they will be closing.*

The following is one of the many reasons why I love this man. He knows what I like and does everything in his power to make sure I get it ;o)

While looking around Filene’s he came upon a pile of Fiestaware that was going for 50% off the ‘sale price’. This means that it was 50% off of the Filene’s price of $32 for a place setting, not the $40 MSRP on the box. This was a good deal. He called me and told me what he was looking at and then tried to tell me what was in the pile so I could tell him what to buy. This proved too difficult for both of us so he just said, “honey, do you want to come down here?”

I already had my coat on.

I think I made a land-speed record getting to Danbury from our little corner of Massachusetts in an hour and fifteen minutes ;o)

On the phone he said, “I parked outside of JC Penney and walked through the mall but I don’t think you’d be comfortable doing that so just park outside of Filenes and we’ll go in there.” I thought nothing of this until I was standing at the register and I happened to glance out into the mall. Holy Sheepshit the ceiling was like eleventeen stories tall!! My stomach dropped to the floor. No, really. I looked down and there it was next to my heart right there on the floor. ;o)

We did not walk through the mall.

We did, however, have a lovely dinner at Olive Garden (yummm!) where I managed to knit three inches of Odessa. I’m almost to the decreases – I haven’t had a lot of knitting time this week.

I got a nice pile of Fiestaware, too. I bought some stuff in some colors that I’ll put in the attic and let marinate until I feel the moment is right to sell them on Ebay ;o) For myself, I finally got the pitchers I wanted (one Scarlet and one Sunflower) as well as two new place settings (one Peacock and one Scarlet), three luncheon plates (in Peacock) and a butter dish (in Sunflower). I love me some Fiestaware – has anyone noticed the colors of my kitchen walls? *grin*

I haven’t had a chance to watch Sense & Sensibility or the new Pride & Prejudice yet. They sit on the coffee table and mock me. I won’t have a chance tonight, either since it’s Survivor Night (yes, we devote an entire night to Survivor. Got a problem with that?) or tomorrow because I’M GETTING MY CAR STARTER INSTALLED!!! So I won’t be able to sit in front of the TV because I’ll be sitting in front of the bay window in my kitchen starting my car every 10 minutes *grin*

*I haven’t been following this in the papers so I’m not sure what has been made public. This is what the employees at the Filene’s told me: When Macy’s is finished there will be no more Filene’s. In the malls where there are both, the newer of the two stores will stay open and become a Macy’s if it wasn’t already one. If there is only a Filene’s, that store will become a Macy’s

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