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I don’t have a specific reason to post, but I have alot of stuff I want to post about so, here is my first ‘random’ post (which I swore to myself I’d never do but here I am – God I’m a liar).

I finished Odessa! She’s all packed up and ready to be gifted to GI-Jane ;o) I hope she likes it.

I started a Panta with the Manos I purchased a while back.

Yesterday sucked. Hard. I didn’t get my starter installed. Apparently the person that was installing starters quit so they called me Thursday night to tell me my appointment needed to be canceled. SOMEONE *cough* Dobby *cough* was on the phone and ‘didn’t hear the beep’ so I didn’t know there was a voicemail. So I drove to Albany Friday morning looking forward to being able to start my car with a button by lunchtime. Didn’t happen. So I wasted an entire day and 1/2 a tank of gas PLUS I got up early ON MY DAY OFF. For. No. Reason.

Then, to add insult to injury, while cleaning the living room (finally) I found that a f*cking mouse chewed through my Christmas sock (yes, I still have Christmas stuff out – I took the tree down, okay? Don’t judge me.) My grandmother who passed away a year and a half ago knit me this sock so…you can only imagine my reaction to finding a pile of wool where there used to be a knitted stocking. I don’t have a picture of it, I can’t bear to face it right now. It’s in my drawer. I can probably fix it, I know this, but it’s just…she knit it for me. If I could find the damned mouse that chewed through it I swear I’d pound it to oblivion – and I don’t particularly care what the animal lovers out there think about that. This was my Irreplaceable. Christmas. Sock. That I have had since I was 6 months old. Goddamn. It.

Anyway. *ahem* that was yesterday. Today was much better, I got caught up on ‘Outback House’, halfway through my panta which is oh-so-soft and spent most of the day in my PJ’s. Our friends are coming over later so I can *finally* watch the new P&P so tonight looks promising.

I brought out a skein of Mountain Colors Bearfoot to knit me a pair of socks. I can’t seem to find just the right pattern, any suggestions?

Roger worked in NYC the other day and brought me home a dozen of these. I love that man. If you get close enough to the screen you might be able to smell them ;o) They have a little bit of aroma of raspberry :o)

This completely cracked me up.

And finally, here is some of my Fiestaware just because.