Somebody shoot me.


No. Really.

I hate March. I can usually put off tax preparations until the first week but then holy sh*t does my life suck. I’m working 12 hour days. Sleep and knitting are a far-off dream.

Stupid taxes.

I have six companies (not mine) for whom I do bookkeeping throughout the year. Then, in March the rush is on to get all their info to the tax man.

I also have to do taxes for RR (tho I might not have to this year – yay!) and our friend Dave (who, when left to his own devices did not file his taxes for seven years. Yes, I said seven. And he was due refunds every single year.) oh, and myself.

Did I mention that I also work part-time for another company?

My bloglines broke 300 unread posts today. When I saw that I felt a little dizzy and the edges of my world started to darken.

Let me take this opportunity to apologize for falling behind and for the spotty blogging coming up over the course of the next few weeks. Trust me, I’d rather be blogging.

Taxes suck.