Well I can’t exactly call it housekeeping, can I?

I updated the ‘Daily Reads’ and the ‘Bloggers I Know’ sections with my actual Bloglines lists which will hopefully accomplish two things: #1 speed up the download of my blog. All the buttons, while pretty, made it slow as hell and #2 keep a more up-to-date list of my ‘Daily Reads’.

I also added a new photo album ‘Stash’. I think it was last Sunday – or maybe Monday? – the sun was out so I started dragging yarn into the kitchen and taking photos of it (a la Knitting Wench). The upside is the photos are really pretty. The downside? RR was home when I did it. DOH! The photo album is a work in progress, I am updating the photos with the name of the yarn a little bit at a time and…that’s not all of it. There’s a whole closet I didn’t get to because I was losing the light. Skeery.

For those of you who haven’t noticed (and weren’t here when I first talked about it), if you click on the little ‘plus’ sign next to the sidebar title it will expand and show you what is in that section of the sidebar. It’s my little way of trying to keep things neat-ish around here. (by the way if you haven’t noticed the minimizing action and/or find it difficult please tell me in the comments so I can mess with it to make it easier to see/use) So, to see the new photo album, click on the + next to ‘Photo Albums’ and you’ll see my four albums.

Oh, and I can now start my car from the living room, the office, the bedroom AND the bathroom. I checked ;o)

Yes, I am procrastinating. I have a pile of work in the office calling me but dammit it’s Sunday. Can’t I have just one day off? Stupid taxes.