Can someone please…

…explain to me how a fully functioning adult can deposit $321.42 into a business account and not keep a record of it? And, not have a corresponding invoice to go along with it?

Please, this is very important. Especially because the fully functioning adult we’re discussing just happens to be myself. I am now officially an idiot (several times over). Do you think the bank will be able to research back to June 2005?

All the bookkeeping I’ve been doing lately makes me want to create a drinking game…it might go a little like this: If your client can only find 1/2 his reimbursement receipts, take a drink. Or, if your client swears he sent you *all* his records from the previous year but then manages to find February under his coffee table…take two drinks. Even better, if your client swears he didn’t pay anyone for consulting done in the previous year and then has an epiphany on January 31 at 4:47pm that, OMG YES – he DID pay someone last year so you have to get a 1099 completed and in the mail within the next 13 minutes…just take the whole bottle and hide under the covers ’til April 15th.

Speaking of drinking games I’ve found a particularly hilarious one here.

Whelp, it’s back to the old grindstone fer me…*sigh* I am buying SO MUCH yarn when I am done with this crap….