Since Rhinebeck I’m heard so many stories about this magical sock yarn. For some reason during Rhinebeck I completely missed their table and so was not able to purchase any at that time. I kept visiting their site, drooling over the colorways but couldn’t bring myself to actually order any. Until January 30th. I decided that I just had to have some and faxed them an order.

Then I waited.

….and waited….

…then waited a bit more…

Then I just couldn’t take it anymore and called them towards the end of February. I was told that the latest order of yarn had to be sent back because of a pilling problem but they were hoping to send out orders the next week.

…so I waited…


yay! I got the package last week!

Once I saw the box I couldn’t wait any longer, I started tearing at the box before we got two feet away from the mailbox while saying to RR, “Do you know what this is?!?! DO YOU KNOW WHAT THIS IS?!!?!

He looked at me warily and replied, “It looks like more.”

heh, man’s not dumb.

There has been only one other time in the seven years I have known RR that I have had the same manic dangerous excited look in my eye and that involved red satin pumps and a 75% off sale. (I believe I might have declared that I wanted to do Very Bad Things to the shoes and that I Had To Have Them Right. Now. But I’m not owning up to anything *grin*) He knows (now) to back the hell off when I look ‘that way’. ;o)

I managed to rip the box open and pull the skeins out and oh. my. God. They are SO soft and SO delicious.

Here is what is left of the box…and here is what was in the box

One skein of Scottish Highlands, Ruby Slippers and Lucy in the Sky. I am being a very, very good knitter and am waiting until I have my Bearfoot sox done before starting anything with these. What also helps to keep me focused is that I am at a freaking hotel tonight because I no longer have a working septic system at my house and all my other projects that I had in a lovely bag to bring along on this road trip are sitting on the coffee table in my stinky stinkin’ living room.

Of course, it also helps that I know I will be receiving another skein of it along with a pattern in the mail tomorrow or Tuesday ;o)

Coming soon, why my backyard resembles the set of Holes