There’s no crying in knitting!!!

I got an extra special package in the mail today. Mama-E was taking suggestions for sock yarn colors and I asked if she might dye some sock yarn to match my blog. And she did! I *heart* this yarn! I want to hold it, and love it, and pet it and call it…*ahem* Sorry. Got a little sidetracked there. I think this is a one time only thing but if there are any of you out there that might be interested in a skein of this not only would I be highly flattered, but she might dye more if you ask nicely. ;o) (I’m not making any promises, it’s entirely up to her.) If you want to see what made me giggle like a schoolgirl on her first date, click on the photo ;o)

Next up: I did it. I had to. I like to be able to stand unaided and I’m pretty sure that if you’re missing all your toes you’re going to need some kind of assistance.

I’m going to attempt a 44 stitch heel instead of the 38 stitch one I did prior to this AND this time I am going to be PATIENT (I swear) and wait until the instep section touches my leg – like the pattern says. Click on photo for the ‘before’ shot.

Stoopid knitting. Wait. I take that back. My knitting is an inanimate object until I pick it up therefore…I am the idiot. *sigh*

In other knitting news, I had to rip out the 1/2 inch I managed to eke out of my STR club pattern (the other night – while in a dental-pain-induced haze) because…I didn’t RTFP. grrrrr. I missed the line where it said ‘increase to 65 stitches and begin working pattern’

Excuse me, I’ll be right over there…banging my head against the wall.

P.S. Do ALL men have the innate ability to choose the exact time that you absolutely MUST pee to go into the bathroom and disappear for 20-ish minutes? Or am I just lucky to have the only one? DAMN it.