RR has never seen ‘Cocktail’…

<p>What I learned this weekend…(long post, sorry guys)</p><ul><li><span title="Roger Rabbit – my SO" class="serendipity_glossaryMarkup">RR</span> has never seen <a target="_blank" href="http://jessaluknits.com/exit.php?url_id=1042&amp;entry_id=175" title="http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0094889/" onmouseover="window.status=’http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0094889/’;return true;" onmouseout="window.status=”;return true;">Cocktail</a>. (I know, how sad is that?)</li></ul><ul><li>After four consecutive episodes of Desperate Housewives my brain is officially mush.</li></ul><ul><li>When <span title="My daughter (The Teen)" class="serendipity_glossaryMarkup">Dobby</span> crashes and burns, she does so in the most spectacular of ways. </li></ul><ul><li>Wait. I already knew that. She just underscored it.</li></ul><ul><li>Whenever I go into Sam’s Club, I’m going to spend *alot* of money.</li></ul><ul><li>Even more if the purchases include a new tent.</li></ul><ul><li>I actually exercised restraint (*gasp*) at the fiber fest.</li></ul><br /><p>Saturday dawned bright and sunny and I, Abi and her family left around lunchtime to get to the fiber fest in Germantown. After a few *ahem* unintentional side steps off of the planned route we got there around 1:30. (okay so my memory was a little fuzzy about the short-cut. Sue me. *I* was not the driver that went flying past the very clearly marked entrance….just sayin’)</p><p><a onclick="F1 = window.open(‘/uploads/Photos/04-17-06004.jpg’,’Zoom’,’height=1719,width=2287,top=-468,left=-496,toolbar=no,menubar=no,location=no,resize=1,resizable=1,scrollbars=yes’); return false;" href="http://jessaluknits.com/uploads/Photos/04-17-06004.jpg"><img width="110" height="83" src="http://jessaluknits.com/uploads/Photos/04-17-06004.serendipityThumb.jpg" style="border: 0px none ; float: left; padding-left: 5px; padding-right: 5px;" alt="" /></a>The show was pretty small, but <a href="http://jessaluknits.com/exit.php?url_id=1044&amp;entry_id=175" title="http://www.friendsofclermont.org/events/sheep.html" onmouseover="window.status=’http://www.friendsofclermont.org/events/sheep.html’;return true;" onmouseout="window.status=”;return true;" target="_blank">Clermont</a> – the estate/historic site it is held on – is amazingly beautiful. It is set right on the banks of the Hudson and the family that built it was one of the first to have Merino Sheep in the US. (If you go to their site and explore you’ll be able to read about it). I’d have photos for you but #1 I have no idea how to get photos off of my phone (because I *gasp* forgot my camera) and #2 <a href="http://jessaluknits.com/exit.php?url_id=1045&amp;entry_id=175" title="http://spiderwomanknits.blogspirit.com" onmouseover="window.status=’http://spiderwomanknits.blogspirit.com’;return true;" onmouseout="window.status=”;return true;" target="_blank">Abi</a> took a couple of photos but her battery kept dying AND she hasn’t sent them to me yet (…hint, hint). What did I buy, you<a onclick="F1 = window.open(‘/uploads/Photos/04-17-06014.jpg’,’Zoom’,’height=495,width=655,top=144,left=320,toolbar=no,menubar=no,location=no,resize=1,resizable=1,scrollbars=yes’); return false;" href="uploads/Photos/04-17-06014.jpg"><img width="110" height="83" src="uploads/Photos/04-17-06014.serendipityThumb.jpg" style="border: 0px none ; float: right; padding-left: 5px; padding-right: 5px;" alt="" /></a> ask? I kept my purchases to a minimum – can you believe it? Okay so there was barely any yarn there and it was a show mostly for spinners if you want full disclosure. I purchased two skeins of Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn – even though there was a controversy about them a few months ago – I’ve always wanted to try it and my logic is this, if I’m buying from a vendor (and I got their card, too) they’ve already paid for the yarn from the distributor and I’m just reimbursing them (the vendor). If I have a problem with it I’m pretty sure the vendor will help me out. I sure as hell won’t be calling CTH directly.</p><p>I got back from the show about the same time RR got home from work. Our grill is on its last legs so I talked him into going to Home Depot to look at grills. He wanted to go to Sam’s club to look at grills. So we compromised and went to Sam’s club ;o) We’d also been talking about getting a tent so we could get back into the camping thing (I used to camp all. the. time. I’m such a type-a that I had lists and pre-packed boxes of stuff ready to go at a moments notice) and Sam’s had one that is a really good deal. Two rooms with a breezeway so the kid can have her own room for her and whatever friend is her BFF for that week and RR and I have our own room so I can get some space <strike>so I don’t kill her</strike>. They didn’t have any grills that would fit on our patio (they had two ginormous ones) but we still managed to spend more than our mortgage payment (which is pretty low to begin with but still…). Anywho, we now have a tent and we’re already planning for the summer ;o) However, I still have some accouterments I need to purchase (including a nice plastic bin to carry them) before we can go anywhere ;o)</p><p>So that brings us to Sunday (Happy Easter!). I was having a nice, quiet day when the phone rang. It was my ex – which of course put me into panic mode. Apparently the panic was fitting. Seriously, when you hear what Dobby did you’re all going to wonder why she’s still alive.</p><p>She went on a date (her first) with a boy. Got home who knows when (because my ex FELL ASLEEP *scream*) and then proceeded to invite the boy in (God help this kid when I get a hold of him for agreeing to this) and ask him to ‘stay over’. STAY. THE. F*CK. OVER. only to be discovered giggling and having a grand time in the living room at 6:15am.</p><p>Seriously. She’s dead.</p><p>Her father asked her what I would do if she had pulled this crap at my house. She replied, &quot;She’d kill me&quot;</p><p>WELL FRICKEN DUH. DO YOU THINK YOU HAVE ESCAPED MY WRATH BY DOING THIS AT YOUR FATHERS?!?!?!?!</p><p>What. The. F*ck.</p><p>Not only would I have killed her, the dumbass who agreed to stay in the house until six am would have been dragged out by his testes. She knows my temper is a force to be reckened with, which is why she pulls this dumbass stuff at her father’s. Wait. Let’s backtrack here. IT WOULD HAVE NEVER HAPPENED BECAUSE I WOULD HAVE MANAGED TO STAY THE F*CK AWAKE UNTIL SHE WAS HOME.</p><p>She *says* nothing happened. (yeah. right. ‘nothing’ happened the night she was conceived, too. Does she think I just fell off the stupid bus?!?!) and she *says* they stayed in the L/R all night. What<i>EVER</i>.</p><p>The ex talked me down from calling the cops (statutory rape, thankyouverymuch. You only have to have a suspicion – did you know that?) and talked me down from coming over there and dragging her home by her ponytail.</p><p>Seriously. I could kill her. I still might.</p><p>I asked her what she was thinking. Her response, &quot;I don’t know&quot; grrrrrrr <i>BULLSHIT you don’t know, you just don’t want to own up to your absolute idiocy.</i></p><p>I then asked her if she needs a right and wrong checklist to carry arou
nd in her pocket. To which she replied in the negative. I told her if she pulls shit like this again she’ll get one – in the form of ME following her ass around. </p><p>She was also informed that if I hear one whisper of her pulling ANY.THNG. like this again this week I’m coming to get her and she’ll goddamned come with me to work. THIS is why I take a week off when she has school vacation. THIS is why I barely trust her to make a good decision when we’re not around. </p><p>Now I’m all worked up again and want to kill her. Again.</p><p>I barely even knitted yesterday – I was so pissed my gauge was all <span title="F*cked Up Beyond All Recognition" class="serendipity_glossaryMarkup">FUBAR</span>. I did manage to chill out and have a nice dinner (it was just me and RR) and then spend the evening watching Cocktail and <strike>three</strike> four episodes of DH – I am so behind on the TiVo it’s not funny. Those eps are the reason why this didn’t get written last night – I couldn’t put together a coherent sentence to save my life ;o)</p>

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