Dear JessaLu…

Dear JessaLu,

I have been more than patient. I have sat quietly by while you have knit sock after sock, a sweater of Olympic proportions, worked on a shawl, a stole and I believe a multi-directional scarf (for about five minutes – what the hell, do you have ADD?) and generally ignored my existence. Now you’ve gone and cast on for yet another lace scarf. In short, you are flitting from project to project like Tinkerbell on crack. I have huddled in my gorgeous pink leather bag (that matches my yarn, I may add) biding my time and waiting for your attention to finally come back around to me.

I can wait no longer. I must be knit.

I will be beautiful when you are finished. All you have left to do is an inch on the body and the two sleeves. An INCH on the body, fer chrissakes. Would it kill you to concentrate on one project fora bout a week? If you can manage it, I will no longer be the albatross hanging on your neck. Bonus: You’ll get another pair of your Addi Turbo size 7’s back in rotation ;o)

Don’t you have a car show coming up and need a nice cotton sweater to wear?

Please, turn your attention to me. If you don’t start looking my way soon I won’t be held responsible.


That Pink Thing aka ‘Anchors Away’