I dunno about this dyeing stuff…

…I kinda suck at it.


(FYI – photo on the left taken with new camera phone, photo on the right taken with my regular camera. Pretty kewl, eh? I just need to futz with the settings a bit…)

Anywho, you can’t really tell by the photos unless you make them bigger and press your nose against the screen, but they’re splotchy.

Splotchy like a teenager’s face two days before she gets her period.

This sux.

Anybody want some blotchy sock yarn? Speak up and it’s yours. (and I didn’t think about the colors on the hanging skank until two seconds ago. No, I am not a Red-hat-er nor will I ever be. Gah. (I’m not old enough, for one) Oh, and for the record, I had that poem hanging on the wall of my apartment in 1995. Dammit.)