Yet another layer of the onion…

<p>…that is JessaLu ;o)</p><p>I’ve been tagged with a Meme by <a href=";entry_id=191" title="" onmouseover="window.status=’’;return true;" onmouseout="window.status=”;return true;" target="_blank">Heide</a> (a while ago, sorry for the delay):</p><p>Seven things to do before I die:</p><ul><li>Knit up my stash</li><li>Go back to Ireland</li><li>Marry Roger</li><li>Mold <span title="My daughter (The Teen)" class="serendipity_glossaryMarkup">Dobby</span> into a respectful, contributing, VOTING (preferably Dem or Independent) member of society.</li><li>Start a yarn store</li><li>Have the most successful yarn store in my area</li><li>Did I mention marry Roger?</li></ul><p>Seven things I cannot do:</p><ul><li>Keep my house clean</li><li>Watch horror movies</li><li>Watch movies where animals are exploited by humans (King Kong? I managed to get through it to where they drugged him) I have too much empathy.</li><li>Be patient when I’m driving.</li><li>Trust Dobby 100% (which, I may add, is mostly her own damned fault.)</li><li>Drink Corona.</li><li>Read Stephen King.</li></ul><p>Seven things that attract me to <span title="Roger Rabbit – my SO" class="serendipity_glossaryMarkup">RR</span>:</p><ul><li>His sense of humor</li><li>His ability to be an awesome stepdad</li><li>His patience</li><li>His truck *grin*</li><li>He cherishes me</li><li>His thoughtfulness</li><li>He will sit and watch old movies with me all night and not complain.</li></ul><p>Seven books I love:</p><ul><li>Pride &amp; Prejudice</li><li>LotR</li><li>Harry Potter</li><li>Where the Heart is</li><li>Any of the Elizabeth Peters ‘Amelia’ books</li><li>Chevy V-8 Engine Casting Numbers 1953-1993 (just checking to see if you’re paying attention…)</li><li>The Kama Sutra (again…paying attention?)</li></ul><p>Seven things I say:</p><ul><li>For f*ck’s sake.</li><li>What the f*ck, *insert name here – usually it’s Dobby*</li><li>*while waiting at a traffic light and the person at the front of the line isn’t moving* What are you waiting for, a different shade of green?</li><li>um…yeah…no.</li><li>That would be a ‘no’.</li><li>Seriously?!?!</li><li>You’re grounded.</li></ul><p>Seven movies I’ve loved:</p><ul><li>Star Wars (the ‘real’ ones)</li><li>Casablanca</li><li>Pride &amp; Prejudice – the A&amp;E version</li><li>Walk the Line</li><li>Ray</li><li>All of the HP movies</li><li>Breakfast at Tiffany’s</li></ul><p>I’m not going to tag specific ppl – if you haven’t done this, consider yourself tagged (and let me know if you’re doing it so I can read your answers) ;o)</p><p>Have a great weekend <strike>- and for those of you at MD S&amp;W: You suck. (but that’s just the jealousy talking…)</strike> ;o)</p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />

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