Well slap my ass and…

…call me Nancy Judy* (I love John Lovitz, he’s a hoot! Who can tell me where that line is from?) there’s another quiz making the rounds of blogland and God forbid I be left behind the bandwagon ;o)

So without further ado, take my quiz :o)

Oh, and if more than 5 ppl take it I’ll give away some sock yarn. That I dyed. I reskeined it and it looks loverly ;o) (toldja I’d give it away) Oh, and I hate to disappoint but I gave the hank of Red Hat stuff to Abi, she needed something with those colors to knit up for her MIL. Thank you all for your kind suggestions and moral support with this dyeing thing, it’s much appreciated :o)

So you know the drill, take the quiz but be sure to leave a comment ‘cuz that’s where I’m drawing the prize from ;o)

*I have been informed by my daughter that I had the wrong name. DOH!

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