My First Annual Fireman’s Dinner…

…wasn’t so bad.

I believe I have mentioned in the past that I live in a small town. A very, very small town. So small, in fact, that when I found out that I had been deleted from the voter rolls last week it was all over town within fifteen minutes. (I was ‘erased’ by my Elementary School substitute teacher, no less. I swear it was because she still hates me for putting that gum on her…*ahem* nevermind)

Last night I got to deal with the entire Fire Dept. PLUS their significant others. woo. Better than Christmas.

Have I mentioned that the Chief’s Wife was my 1st grade teacher? No? hunh.

There’s also a bit of a back-story here. About three years ago Dobby and I volunteered to work the annual steak dinner. I made it clear that Dobby was not to be assigned any heavy lifting since she was too young/clumsy/whatever to handle it. (sorry, it’s true. She can’t walk a straight line to save her life.) We got there and were told that Dobby would be bussing tables. Which involved carrying bins of dirty dishes heavier than ME (and that’s saying something) next door to the church to be washed. Which was the complete utter exact opposite of what I requested. When I mentioned this to CW…I got yelled at. Like I was still six and had asked to go potty one too many times.

Let’s just say I don’t like to get yelled at. And I can hold a grudge. I’m pretty good at it, even.

The 2nd issue is that I helped for four years straight at every pancake breakfast and steak dinner and never, not once, got asked to the annual dinner. Not. F*cking. Once.

I haven’t shown my face at a function since. I am SO done with being used.

Which brings us to last night.

Dinner was held at a local restaurant, one where all the guys hang out after practice. The owner said the only way he’d do the annual dinner was if ALL the SO’s or wives or whatever were invited. So, even though I didn’t want to go I was kinda told I had to go.

Which really puts me in a great mood.

I managed to suck it up, though. And I can be catty with the best of them ;o) I also managed to get through 90% of the evening before having to say hello to my former first grade teacher. Don’t worry, I managed to be nice – it also helped that I had two-ish glasses of wine prior to that moment.

Unfortunately, there are no ‘stand out’ moments to report. The only big piece of bitchiness was when we found out that the older gentleman who was the fire dept. secretary forever didn’t show up because he’s pissed that he’s no longer the fire dept. secretary. That’s it, kinda disappointing, eh?

In happier news, I did more dyeing, wanna see?

That right there is superwash dyed with Kool Aid. On the left we have three packets of lemon-lime with one quarter packet of black cherry mixed in and two packets of strawberry with the other three quarters of the black cherry mixed in. On the right we have two packets of black cherry, two packets of strawberry with a half a packet of black cherry mixed in and two packets of grape with half a packet of black cherry mixed in. That black cherry is some magical stuff, it really tones down the usual psychedelic colors. Can I just say I LOVE these colors?!?! Now I suppose I should dye some for my pal…since these? I don’t want to give up ;o)

Edited to add: I’ve had a couple of people ask me #1 where did I get the yarn and #2 how did I get it that color. The answer to #1 is that I purchased undyed ‘Java’ yarn from Inspirations Yarn in Saugus, MA. Be warned, though, it took a month. She’s a very busy lady. I also recommend Woo2Dye4. I have 1/2 lb of their ‘Kona Superwash’ sitting in the kitchen. They are fast and thoughtful. The answer to #2? I’ll show you either Monday or Tuesday. I’ll have pictures and everything! ;o)