Mama’s got a brand new…


There are many kinds of knitters. Some knit scarves and that’s it. Some break out of the rectangle and start knitting hats, then it’s on to sweaters, socks and mittens. Then there are a few who can’t be happy with just one way to play with fiber. They feel a need to create something from it’s very beginning. They’re mesmerized by the whirl of a spindle, be it a drop or on a wheel.

I happen to fall into that last group.

My First Spinning AttemptLord help me, I’ve started spinning.

I’ve been hanging on the outskirts for a few months now. I can’t remember the first time I mentioned that I might like to give it a shot – although I’m pretty sure I first said it to Carole (as dangerous as that may be – her being all tricksy). I finally caved at Massachusetts Sheep & Wool.

Get this – I bought the fiber first. Then I bought the Bosworth spindle. Oh and those of you who think you might like to try this? I can’t say enough nice things about the Bosworths. Sheila spent 20+ minutes with me in the midst of a busy festival showing me how to spindle. She is kind and patient and best of all – good at showing a newbie how not to f*ck up ;o) She even had the patience to pose for blogger photos! (Thanks again!)05-28-06 063

Mass Sheep & Wool was great – not too big, not too small. Just right, as Goldilocks would say ;o) Abi was right, the Cummington fairgrounds are beautiful. I picked up some sock yarn along with my new fiber and Abi got some beautiful superwash (which I’ll leave to her to talk about on her blog).

Then, after the blogger meetup (where you could find some of the usual suspects (Kathy and Heather – you (and others who couldn’t make it) were missed greatly :( ) and I’m sorry but I can’t even begin to remember all the new people I met – Katy has promised a list, I will link to it when she has it up) I brought my new toy to the annual Memorial Day car cruise and proceeded to play with it for three hours straight (and get stared at *alot* in the process. RR runs the music so we’re kind of in the middle of it all and it’s hard to miss someone spinning in the middle of a mini car show). The result? This:

05-28-06 073

Which I fully recognize looks like complete and utter ass. But I don’t care. Why? Because it’s mine. I made that. Me. With my two hands and a spindle.

I’ve also gotten better.

05-28-06 079

Now I gotta get a wheel.

ETA: Katy has posted her list – and, if I met you this Saturday and I can’t remember your blog please don’t take it personally, I have the absolute worst memory. Of all time.  At least I think I do – I can’t remember if I’ve met anyone else who’s worse. ;o)  Feel free to shout out in the comments – I’d love to hear from you!