…of the plumber’s wife?

You know her, she’s the one with the most crap-tastic, cobbed together, patched to within an inch of their life pipes on the block.

Now take that mental image and switch ‘plumber’s wife’ to ‘home theater installer’s girlfriend’ and ‘pipes’ to ‘sound system/television’. And that would be me.

Our surround sound fell off a truck somewhere (don’t ask – I didn’t) and our television is a 36″ RCA that was being sold for 75% off because it had a scratch on the screen and a crazy traveling green blob. Up ’til Saturday night our favorite game of an evening (for the last seven-ish years) would be to guess where the blob would be when we turned on the tube.

Yes, I said ‘up ’til Saturday night’. Guess what that means!

RR got his ‘thanks for putting up with us for ten years’ bonus from the store (nevermind that he’s worked there for twelve and they kinda forgot ’til now).

And yes, this is bragging and yes, you may hate me now. I’m sorry but I HAD to tell SOMEONE! I’ve known about this for a month and haven’t been able to say a fricken word – DO YOU KNOW HOW PAINFUL THAT WAS FOR ME?!?! *ahem* Sorry, forgot myself there for a minute.

What was his ‘bonus’ you ask?


That is a 42″ Sony Wega (sorry for the flash…ugh) and yes, like any good geek I ran sprinted (giggling like a teenage girl who just got asked to go steady by the hunky quarterback) to my DVD collection and the very first movie I watched with my brand-spankin’ new high def widescreen projection TV was…A New Hope. And yes, it was SO worth it. I think George Lucas is an ass (sorry) but I will admit to his genius when it comes to coming up with the THX technology and being a digital pioneer.

Anywho, so I spent most of Saturday and all of Sunday sitting on my ass watching the ‘real’ Star Wars ;o) All three of ’em. Over and over. *giggle* Okay maybe I let RR watch about ten minutes of NASCAR on Sunday but it looked like ass so I tore the remote out of his hands…okay he was in the other room when I took it but ohwell – maybe he shouldn’t have left it unguarded ;o)

I did get some spinning done – and some knitting, too. Witness:

That is 4 1/2 repeats on CeCe and a whole crapload of singles. Since (I think) I figured out the Navajo plying thing I need to spin three times the amount of yarn I want so I have a ways to go – but I’m enjoying it immensely ;o) I signed up for a spinning class at Countrywool on the 15th (and I’m trying to talk Abi into going with me…) so I will be trying out an Ashford Traditional that day and possibly renting it for a month afterwards if I like it. I’ll let you know how that goes ;o)

Aaand now I’d like to give you a little glimpse of my ‘life with a teen’:

Me (yelling to Dobby because she has gone to bed WITHOUT DOING THE DISHES for the umpteenth time this week): Hey up there!


Me: Didja forget something?




Me: NOW.


Me (thinking: ohno she DIDN’T – who the f*ck does she think she is threatening ME?)

Dobby: (stomping down stairs) God you are SUCH A BITCH.

Me: (again thinking, ohno she DIDN’T) EXCUSE ME?!


[insert 20 minutes of somewhat ineffectual screaming at each other here with the dog cowering in the corner. RR wasn’t home. Funny how she pulls this sh*t when he’s not home, eh?]

She called me a bitch one more time and then decided it wasn’t prudent to continue when I pointed out to her that if she wants to ever – and I mean EVER drive a car it’s ME that she should be nice to. Oh, and WB ISN’T COMING OVER ON A SCHOOL NIGHT AGAIN for QUITE some time IF EVER.

If this is how I’m getting talked to when I try to be a ‘nice mom’…f*ck that, no more ‘nice mom’.

Okay venting over. At least I have a really cool teevee, right? Have a great day, everybody! ;o)

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