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<p><strong></strong></p><p><strong>Take a look around you. Apart from your computer and its
peripherals, and your computer desk/table/milk crate and chair, what, in order
of their physical closeness, are the five things nearest to you right now?</strong><o:p /></p>

<p>1. Empty bowl that once held a scoop of Edie’s Double Churned Vanilla and assorted toppings. <o:p /></p>

<p>2. Note to check Grandmother’s name spelling, etc.<span> </span>(long story)<o:p /></p>

<p>3. Notebook with list of what I still need to do before leaving Friday
morning for the car show (yes, am starting to panic and yes it keeps growing, even when I’m not looking)<o:p /></p>

<p>4. Twisted Sisters Sock Workbook<o:p /></p>

<p>5. TiVo Remote<o:p /></p>

<p>You’re it!</p><p>______________</p><p><i>A few people mentioned that they didn’t know what to do when faced with a bear and I’ll admit that I thought I knew but found out that I was mistaken. There is a very interesting article about black bears <a target="_blank" href=";entry_id=218" title="" onmouseover="window.status=’’;return true;" onmouseout="window.status=”;return true;">here</a> for those who are curious. Oh and there are different things you should do when facing a grizzly as compared to a black bear (which is what we had here) the article I linked to talks about black bears.</i></p><p><i>Also, I want to mention that the bleach we are pouring on our trash isn’t harmful to the bears – they don’t eat it (they’re smarter than that) it just keeps them from making confetti out of our garbage. Which, in turn, keeps my blood pressure down. ;o) I’m still considering the sticks…</i></p><p><br /><o:p /></p>