I am a big fan of Alton Brown – he is just geeky enough to make a cooking show interesting for me. Okay and dorky enough ;o) He has a new show, Feasting on Asphalt, which I think I’m going to like. Alot. An example of the witty reparte:

They are at the ‘Biscuit House’ and Alton is discussing his grandmother with the lady who makes the biscuits AS the lady makes the biscuits so this is a very haphazard conversation – the poor woman didn’t know what was going on. (as any Good Eats fan knows, his grandma was in his biscuit episode a few years back. She was a sweet, funny lady who handled Alton and his sense of humor very well – and fought back very well ;o) Oh and yes, his is the only recipe I use for biscuits.)

Alton: My grandma was the queen of biscuit making.

Lady: Oh yeah?

Alton: Yeah, but she died.

Lady: Oh I’m sorry…

Alton: Yeah, she owed me money.

That’s some funny stuff there. (okay keep in mind I come from twisted stock – and my Dad is a funeral director. I dig humor like this. And I know he actually misses his grandmother AND that she’d think that was funny, too. So there.)

Another new show I’m looking forward to checking out is Ace of Cakes featuring Duff Goldman of Charm City Cakes. I don’t talk about it much because it was a harrowing experience, but I used to be a cake decorator. All it took was one bride too many showing up unannounced on her wedding day to ‘inspect things’ to make me turn in my frosting bag ;o) So, I have an interest in this show. I like to see how the ‘professionals’ do their cakes ;o)

Oh and one more thing, has anyone else noticed in these old classic Orville Redenbacher’s popcorn commercials that the reason why his popcorn pops up ‘lighter and fluffier’ is because the popper they use for their brand IS SMALLER??!?! These commercials are making me nuts. Talk about false advertising. grrrrr.

Knitting? You want to see knitting? Well, I’d suggest going to read a knitting blog…ohwait, this is a knitting blog…errr check back in a couple days, k? ;o)