Can you spot a liar?

Okay I was sort-of tagged by reading a post here to do a little thing called Two Truths and a Lie. The object of this is for you, my readers, to choose which one of the following things is a lie.

1. My family on my father’s side is descended from English and Scottish Royalty. I am distantly related to Princess Di and my father is a legitimate member of the Stuart Clan of Scotland. I can claim a direct descendance from James I and James II and I am also descended from Miles Standish and John and Priscilla Alden who came over on the Mayflower and were staunch Protestants in the strictest sense. If they knew what I’ve been up to in this lifetime….they’d die all over again from the shame.

2. I am an accomplished pastry chef – when I was little my mother took one of those Wilton cake courses and I decided that when I grew up I wanted to do the same thing, only on a larger scale. So, before I met Roger I worked at several high-class hotels in NYC making wedding and birthday cakes for many celebrities like James Taylor and Billy Joel.

3. I am the Director of Accounting and the Propmaster for a television show that is currently in the works. It is about a private detective, is set in the early 50’s and is done in the Noir style. Unfortunately, I cannot name the show because it is still in production and doesn’t have an air date yet. (it’s going to be pretty cool, though!)

Okay so, put your guesses in the comments. I’ll put all the people who give me the right answer into a hat and pull out a winner who will receive a skein of sock yarn.

I’m also hovering close to my 2500th comment so whomever leaves that one will win sock yarn, too!

Good luck! :o)

ETA: I just realized that I need to tag people to do this! (duh!) So, I am tagging Deb and Karen and anyone else who’d like to play. If you do play, please leave a comment so I can read your TTAAL!

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