Well I guess some of you can…

…and some of you can’t ;o) (spot a liar, that is)

The blogosphere is a funny place – you can reveal bits and pieces of yourself and yet still keep parts under wraps. People who read your blog regularly get to know the parts you let loose for all the world to see – and those who end up meeting you in real life get to see all of you – even the sloppy parts that you’ve been hiding ;o)

And sometimes even those people who have met you in real life and have heard your entire life story still don’t remember all the details *cough* Cynthia *cough* ;o)

Okay I’ll stop the long drawn out post and tell you the truth, nothing but the truth, so help me…yeah. I’ll tell you most of the truth, anyway ;o)

#1 and #3 are completely true. I am descended from the Stuarts and I am the Director of Accounting and Propmaster for a production company. Another thing I haven’t revealed about myself is I love history and there are eras that I have immersed myself in and the late 40’s/early 50’s is one of them – hence the Propmaster title. I can spot a good deal and am not shy about negotiating a good price which also helps ;o)

#2 is the lie. Well, it’s mostly a lie. I did do cake decorating for about six months and promptly had a breakdown during the height of wedding season. Brides can be awful (I’ve been a bride, and I’ve been awful – at the same time, even) and I had one bride show up at my house unannounced at Eight A-fricken-M on the day of her wedding (which was happening at FOUR PM) to ‘see how things were going’. I almost threw the cake at her (except it was heavy, my arms were already tired from wrestling with the thing and since I hadn’t had coffee yet my aim would have been off). In case you’re wondering, that was my last wedding cake. Anyway, I was far from an ‘accomplished pastry chef’ and I’ve never made a cake for a celebrity of any kind – unless you count the girl from my class who was very *ahem* shall we say popular as a celebrity ;o)

So, seven people caught me in my lie (and now have the right to call me a lying liar – can I just say I can’t believe how many people I stumped? SO cool, hehehe) so seven people are up for a skein of sock yarn-age. I assigned everyone a number and put them in a magic number generator. AAAANNNNDDDD the winner IS Sarah :o) (please send me your address – click on ‘contact me’ or reply to my reply to your earlier comment, either way it’ll get to me)

The other little contest I had going on was to give yarn to the lucky reader who left comment #2500 – that winner is Joni! (please send me your address…see above for directions, etc)

Thanks for playing everybody!

And, here’s my Eye Candy for this week (a couple of the cakes I did – just to prove I was no professional *grin*)