…and Blogger Bingo.

What do the two have in common? Absolutely nothing. But they’re both in my post today.

First, we have acquisitions. I’ve been working along on Eris like a good little knitter who may or may not be hoping to finish it before ‘the big one’ (which shall not be named because if this sweater gets even a hint that I want her done before a certain date I have a feeling all hell is going to break loose). I haven’t looked at any other projects for over a week and I haven’t started spinning anything new since I finished the Spunky Eclectic.

I’ve been very, very good.

Then, the mailperson came – and she actually delivered a package (which is a miracle unto itself as long-time readers know). This package held yarn. New yarn. A brand of yarn I had never held before. The Telemark yarn from Knitpicks. I want to knit this yarn. I even have a pattern all picked out for it (a pillow that is supposed to be knit with Tiur from Dale yarns) – I got that last week.

Even more of a temptation is the fact that I’ve never knit a project that is 100% colorwork. You have no idea the self-control going on right now. It hurts.

I have a few acquisitions in the spinning department, too. I have four new skeins of roving that are calling – no, make that screaming – my name. Should I spin (from Right to Left) Petunia, Dante’s Storm or Chocolate Covered Cherries? I have to make a decision on what to bring with me this weekend and boy, this is hard. All four are Spunky Eclectic ‘cuz…guess who had a sale? ;o)

And finally, in the fiber festival department – is anyone that I know (or not know yet) going to VT S&W? Other than me, Jessie and Cynthia, that is ;o) I’ve never been so I have no idea about get-togethers and such – if anyone knows anything, let me know, k? I’ll be there on Saturday :o) Shopping for a fleece. Yeah, I said it. I have this book (recommended by my personal enabler, Carole), a handful of cash and a dream. So look out – I have been known to tackle people ;o)

Then there’s Rhinebeck. Stitchy posted about what is possibly the best Fiber Fest game ever thought up. If you are going to Rhinebeck, go over to Stitchy’s site and sign up to play, it’s going to be lots of fun!