Did somebody say candy?

While at the car show I upgraded the paint on the Jeep (just enough to help me recognize it in the grocery store parking lot):

When Don is working, it usually draws a crowd. He’s amazing to watch, he does everything freehand and has been doing this since the 70’s. He added pinstriping to my red Jeep so this has become somewhat of a tradition. He will also do the striping on the Chevy if we can ever get it to that point ;o)

Oh, did you want to see what he did? ;o)

(Jeep got a lil dirty in Vermont…)

All. Freehand. Seriously. The man is a marvel.

Okay one more picture from the car show which is little more ‘candy-ish’

How cool is this car?

Have a great weekend, everybody :o)

P.S. Steve’s a Coopworth – in all my excitement in the last post I forgot to mention that. Doh! She’s also very…aromatic. Thought you might be curious… ;o) Oh, and Carole? You can stop laughing now… ;op